Are Gas Golf Carts Better Than Electric

The best one will be a matter of personal preference. Gas-Powered Golf Carts Gas golf carts require much less routine maintenance than electric carts which is probably their biggest draw.

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When you compare how long a cart can run on one tank of gas compared to one electric charge the gas cart wins hands down.

Are gas golf carts better than electric. Without access to electricity you would have to use generator power to charge your electric golf cart. A gas golf cart is better than an electric golf cart if you are seeking more power and range. Finding the right golf cart for you.

Other than scheduling a yearly service to change the oil replace filters look everything over theres very little needed to keep your cart in top shape. If on average the electric cart can cover 20-25 km on a single charge a gas golf cart can provide 5 times that distance. Gas carts tend to have more power with their ICE motors averaging 10-14 hp.

However a gas cart is loud puts off unpleasant odors and isnt as environmentally friendly as an electric cart. When an electric golf cart starts to run out of power it starts to slow down. Power – Gas golf carts typically have about three times the horsepower of electric golf carts.

When the fuel tank gets low you simply need to refill it which takes only minutes. Therefore gas carts are also much nosier on a hilly environment. On level terrain both a gas car and an electric cart will perform equally well.

There is no logical argument that gas is better on a hill than electric based on math. So that is the math. Although the newer 48-volt electric carts with a motor upgrade will match the climbing power of a gas car.

Electric carts typically have 4-6 hp motors. The Yamaha Drive 2 gas golf car is far superior to any electric golf car on the market today. Custom built if youre planning to modify your golf cart gas is usually preferred since add-ons can reduce the range of an electric cart.

Gas cars climb rolling terrain better than most electric carts. If you are planning long rides all day long a gas cart is the preferred option. Basic upkeep and long-term service needs differ between electric and gas golf carts but generally speaking electric golf carts require attention more frequently than gas golf carts.

How Much Water Should I put in My Batteries. Thus they perform better in rough terrain on steep hills and in off-road conditions. 9 out of 10 insurance companies will side with electric.

Here is another element that drives the campground owners position. While its true that they cost around 600 for a set of six batteries they only need to be replaced about once every 3-5 years. Generator power is not the best solution when it comes to charging your cart.

The only real positive of an electric model is. Gas-powered golf carts are cheaper to maintain. Gas-powered golf carts are strong steady operators.

Running time – Gas golf carts can run longer on a single tank of gas than electric golf carts can run on a single charge. You will have to bring ample gas with you but the gas carts are the better solution. Gas golf carts are a little more on the noisy side and will obviously require gas to operate regular unleaded to be exact.

Electric carts start faster and smoother than gas cars. On a slope gas golf carts perform better and can cover relatively more distance than an electric car. Theres no right or wrong answer when deciding which of these sounds more appealing to you.

Gas Golf Carts Dont Need to Be Recharged Unlike electric golf carts that must be recharged for a few hours whenever the battery is drained gas golf carts never need to be recharged. Some believe electric battery replacement costs make electric carts prohibitively expensive. Here at Golf Car Associates we are of the view that Yamaha petrol golf carts are generally better than any electric golf carts.

Can You Overcharge Golf Cart Batteries. The gas golf carts are better for camping. Gas-powered golf carts are also popular because they can go longer than an electric cart.

Another thing to take into consideration is the power. Another benefit of gas golf carts is the range. Electric golf carts do depend on their batteries for power so if youre someone who wants to use your golf cart for hours upon hours at a time you may want to stick with gas.

Should I Leave My Golf Cart Plugged in all the Time. Electric golf carts are more convenient to use and better for the environment.

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