Are Graphite Shafts Better Than Steel Shafts

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Steel shafts are now offered in lighter weights than ever before but not as light as graphite and not as varied in the flex profiles available. Graphite golf shafts are less durable when compared to steel shafts and might be easier to break.

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I initially moved to graphite because of injury arthritis but have since come to enjoy the feel and shock absorbtion.

Are graphite shafts better than steel shafts. However depending on how much you play and how well you care for your clubs graphite shafts will still last a reasonable amount of time. I would argue that if you can swing the graphite easier because of the weight and vibration dampening your results over a round of golf will be better vs. Graphite shafts are lighter than steel shafts resulting in an increase in swing speed and distance.

Some great players do not work the ball so they could even stick with. If this is you by all means keep swinging it. Graphite shafts became popular among amateurs because lighter weight helped generate increased club-head speed.

Graphite shafts are woven from carbon fiber and are generally lighter in weight than steel shafts. Shafts weigh between 45 and 150 grams depending on the material and length. As a result the lightweight shafts on graphite irons can help to create a greater swing speed for more power.

The argument used to be that graphite didnt offer the same tight dispersion as steel but that has. Graphite stiff is going to be a bit more flexible in your irons so those with average to slightly slower swing speeds can get good mileage out of graphite stiff irons. Graphite shafts transmit fewer vibrations up the shaft to the golfers hands than do steel shafts.

Steel Regular Flex Shafts In Irons Graphite Stiff Vs Steel Regular shafts is probably going to be the most difficult to chose in your irons where both can be easily utilized. The graphite shafts are lighter in weight than their counterpart steel shafts. This is particularly beneficial to players with slow swing tempos.

Steel shafts will last forever so long as they are not bent rusted or pitted. The huge benefit to me is they are super consistent unlike the Aldila Ive played in irons I have one Aldila shod set as well. Most golfers can realize an.

The carbon fiber also dissipated some of the stinging. Generally speaking graphite shafts are better for seniors than steel shafts unless the senior still maintains very high swing speeds. Quality graphite shafts will last as long as you do so long as they are not chipped cracked or the laminate-seal is not peeling.

These shafts are for the fastest players and from a materials and design perspective graphite shafts in this weight range can be made extremely stiff beyond the point of similar steel shafts. The faster the swing speed the longer the distance. Graphite shafts.

For scratch and low handicap golfers a steel shaft might be better if you have the ability and desire to work the ball for your approach shots. In terms of graphite vs steel shafts this gives the graphite shafts an edge over the steel shafts. The advantages of a graphite shaft on the other hand.

There are some seniors in incredible shape that can easily hit a regular steel shaft in their iron. Common theory among golf professionals and club fitters states. Graphite shafts are much lighter and more expensive in comparison to steel shafts and weigh between 50 and 85 grams.

Better acceleration of the club. It is sometimes a decisive point for the novice recreational and women golfers as they give preference to graphite shafts over the steel shafts. Steel tends to have very low torque rotation during.

The biggest and by far most important difference between steel and graphite shafts is this. But no mistake IMHO they feel like graphite more than steel. The advantages of a well fitted steel shaft are therefore.

For this player we would clearly recommend Zelos 7. For beginner and high handicap golfers you are going to most likely want graphite shafts. Stronger feedback of the strike.

A steel shaft that may feel heavier by the end of the round and impact your results. The additional weight tends to be a deciding factor for golfers choosing between the two types. Shaft makers are good at matching twisting stiffness with the rest of the shaft.

Graphite vs steel shafts at a glance In summary. Depending on the shaft 90-gram graphite shafts are just as if not more stable than steel. Note The lightest steel shafts weigh less than the heaviest graphite shafts but generally speaking graphite is usually the lighter option by a significant amount.

Graphite shafts are lighter than steel shafts in some cases significantly so. Maximum control on the green. Steel shaft benefits Steel shafts are heavier than shafts made of graphite.

The part where the divide starts between graphite and steel golf shafts are with irons. Of course both shafts have their advantages and disadvantages and a lot comes down to.

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