Are Graphite Shafts Easier To Hit

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My attempt at steel shafts did not work out. Amateurs are known for the occasional mis-hit.

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So you can experiment with different varieties of stiffness levels.

Are graphite shafts easier to hit. Graphite shafts are made from a carbon fiber material. I am 61 and play the AP1 irons with steel shafts. The choice of Steel or Graphite shafts irons will mainly come down to swing speed.

Each graphite shaft has a kickpoint or flex pont — the spot on the shaft that bends the most. These shafts are for the fastest players and from a materials and design perspective graphite shafts in this weight range can be made extremely stiff beyond the point of similar steel shafts. I am talking about iron shafts that are in the 90 to 125 gram range.

Those mis-hits can sting and on cold days they are even worse. Needless to say graphite shafts now perform just as exceptionally as steel shafts. Just keep in mind that a lighter graphite shaft helps in boosting swing speed.

Graphite suits slower swings and steel suits faster swings. Simply stated some golfers prefer the more crisp sharper feel of hitting the ball with steel shafts while some prefer the softer more dampened feel of graphite. This feels better but gives less controlso not many pros use graphite shaft ironssome of the pro ladies do.

Also the lighter graphite shafts make the irons go farther when hit well so it is a win-win for golfers in the game improvement section. Besides that Steel provides more stability and with steel shafts getting lighter they are becoming a more attractive offers for many high handicappers. Their lightweight design can help certain golfers particularly ladies and seniors swing their irons faster.

Heavy Graphite Iron Shafts Make It Easier to Switch From Steel As trends go the move to heavy graphite iron shafts is intensifying. Depending on the shaft 90-gram graphite shafts are just as if not more stable than steel. Bottom line graphite are easier to hit and absord the mishits a.

And the outcome of this is increased distance. Many golfers have saidgraphite is more comfortable easier to hit. Graphite shafts are easier on the hands not as much shock when you hit the ball off the sweet spot.

One elbow aches at times so Im considering changing to graphite. Who Should Use Steel Shafts. For years golfers with slow clubhead speeds have reaped the benefits of graphite iron shafts which can be as light as 50 grams each half the weight of the average steel shaft.

A low kickpoint makes it easier for golfers to get the ball in the air and produce shots with higher. I played graphite irons for 6 previous years and loved them. This is due to the weight being very light hence the club is easier to hit.

The graphite helps to absorb some of the vibrations at impact. Graphite shafts have more torque than steel usually and the lighter the shaft the more torque you have. The argument used to be that graphite didnt offer the same tight dispersion as steel but that has.

The graphite shafts help those hits to feel better and that is partly what has made them widely accessible. Steel and graphite shafts are totally different in the manner in which they transfer the vibrations from impact up to the hands which in turn affects the feel of the shot. This is particularly beneficial to players with slow swing tempos.

Are graphite shafts easier to hit. It depends players with slow swing speeds might find it easier to hit graphite shafts because they help them pick up clubhead speed and get the ball into the air. On the other hand players with high swing speeds might find it difficult to control the lightweight whippy feeling often associated with graphite shafts.

On the other hand steel shafts feel much more solid. I play the KBS Tour 90 shaft now and am satisfied. And in some cases even better than them.

So to sum it up its one. Arthritis has crippled my hands and I am buying the same clubs with graphite. If your swing speed is slower you will definitely benefit from using a graphite shaft.

Most golfers can realize an. I hit a buddys graphite shaft irons and it was surprisingly easy distance and accuracy. I typically hit my 7 iron 155 carry on average and am 66.

The graphite shafts are more forgiving and do not sting when you mishit and beginner golfers should take advantage of that. Graphite shafts are lighter than steel shafts resulting in an increase in swing speed and distance. Moreover since the shaft tip is parallel trimming it is relatively easier.

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