Are Lefties Better Than Righties

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A Harvard study published late last year found that lefties receive annual earnings that are 10-12 percent lower than their right-handed peers. Then modern research discovered the.

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According to a new survey left handers have better sex.

Are lefties better than righties. A not small percentage of schizophrenics are lefties and the same is valid for people who suffer from mental disorders that cause abnormal thinking and perceptions. In medieval times lefties were thought to be in league with the devil and considered less intelligent than right-handers. Lefties are better fighters Left-handers tend to be better fighters especially in hand-to-hand matches.

LELOs 2014 Global Sex Survey asked 10000 people how. It turns out left-handed people are much more prone to them than the righties. Of the 10000 people surveyed 86 of left-handed people reported being Extremely Satisfied with their sex.

The same study found that lefties show more behavioralemotional problems have more learning disabilities. According to a recent survey lefties are 71 more satisfied in the sack than righties. In fact it might be better for righties to join lefties the researchers in the recent study suggest.

Guess theres something we lefties kick ass at that isnt playing first base. Lefties often recover speech more quickly than their right-handed counterparts following stroke. For the comparison between right-handers and left-handers however there was a statistically significant effect showing that right-handers had a higher average IQ than left-handers.

The study which also analyzed brain scans of 9000 British subjects found that in lefties the parts of the right and left sides of the brain that process language work in better tandem. Since left-handed hitters have the platoon edge much more often than right-handed hitters they have an edge in the competition for MLB jobs and end up. Neuroscientists know that left-handed people tend to be more right-brained and use the right hemisphere of their cerebrum to a greater degree than righties and vice versa.

This is because the left side of the brain typically controls speech. Since lefties are less dependent on the left side they are usually able to bounce back more quickly. National Left Handers Day is August 13th but we say celebrate year round.

In their findings they note that some left-handers have better connections between the two. Justin Bieber Barack Obama and Oprah are all lefties. Today is International Left-Handers Day so heres a look at a handful of reasons why youre better than righties Advertisement Lefties have their own club.

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