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The 2021 PXG 0211 irons are a blended set that offer strong performance throughout the bag. The PXG 0211 irons are meant for golfers that want a forgiving long set of.

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Thats not meant to be pejorative.

Are pxg irons any good. Yes the new PXG 0311 GEN3 irons are expensive but theyre only 425 per iron. Who The PXG 0211 Irons 2021 are Meant For. Years in the making and packed with our most advanced technology and materials these babies deliver absolutely unparalleled distance forgiveness sound and feel.

PXG 0211 ST Irons. PXG 3011 IRONS With With their distinctive appearance unrivalled performance and a soft-as-butter feel PXG irons are the most advanced in the game. Very long and forgiving.

Forged from 8620 soft carbon steel the hollow-bodied irons are an investment in innovation and superiority thatll make your iron play a considerable strength out on the golf course. When PXG started in 2015 owner Bob Parsons asked his designers to create an iron that looked like a blade but played with the forgiveness of a cavity back and the P delivers that in spades. All in all I really wanted to like this driver.

Im a 16 handicapper and Im thinking of buying a set of pxg 0211 irons 2021 model. So just wondering if any 10 handicappers here have tested and would recommend them. Ive read a couple of reviews and all of them are exceptional.

PXG is a hot brand with amazing irons I know players who swear by their irons and I believe PXG is a pioneer in the future of golf technology and player fitting. PXG say the muscleback shape gives room for the brands DualCOR technology inside and that along with a 2 stronger loft 7-iron and ½ longer shafts add up to an extra 126 yards carry distance over the original 0211 2019 iron. If the high-end price was the only thing that stopped you from trying out PXG irons nows the chance to make it real.

When I initially discussed GEN3 with PXG Founder Bob Parsons in November the price hadnt been finalized but 500 per club was on the table. However the sound bothered me a lot and it wasnt as consistent as other drivers Ive hit. At address the PXG 0211 2021 irons looks very sleek youd almost say that it.

Since Day 1 PXG has claimed to have the thinnest face in golf. As far as feel the PXG iron did not feel any better but did not feel any worse. If its ball speed you seek thin is your friend.

An Honest Review of PXG 0211 Irons Appearance Performance. The materials and technologies used by PXG engineers are undeniably great and on par with other elite level club manufacturers and the performance of the clubs is. That really does mean youll be.

To be honest I like the no weight screw look better. The distance I believe was because of the loft and the face design. New PXG GEN4 Irons are the best irons weve ever made by a long shot.

Same technology as the 0311 GEN3 irons. Theyre as good as anything on the market but you can get the same level of performance at a lower price. For those who dont know these are PXGs cast clubs for the peasants that cant afford the screws.

PXG 0211 opens the chance for players to own an extremely well-designed game-changing performing but affordable iron. However at PXG-level thinness 15mm to be exact the polymer is essential to keep the HT1770 maraging steel face from denting or cracking at impact. Test out the PXG 0211 iron now by.

Like its predecessors XCOR is one of the rocks upon which the PXG 0311 irons are built. Play the best golf of your life with new GEN4 Irons. It is an excellent blend of great shape and size reasonably strong loft forgiving hollow body construction and just the right amount of offset.

Distance for the PXG was about 5 yards better than my iron and the spin was great with the PXG. So it is a great feeling iron. They still have the COR2 material and a thin face.

Thats not meant to be pejorative. Some help at the top of the bag is nice. This Super Tour extension of the 2021 0211 Golf Clubs introduces solid-bodied blades that are triple forged from soft carbon steel delivering an exceptional feel extreme workability and a surprisingly high MOI.

But oh those irons. Over the past five years Ive had the chance to.

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