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If your clubs are too long andor upright youll be forced to adjust away from a swing thats natural for you. Whether you are short or tall a proper golf club are very important for short golfer the -1 inch less than standard length is best suited and for tall golfer inch higher than standard length is best suited.

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Ive done extensive research into how golf clubs actually work and I would recommend to any of you who are either beginners or experienced golfers to make sure you are custom fit for clubs.

Are shorter golf clubs better. Although these are a standard length set of golf clubs they are incredibly forgiving and very flexible. If alternatively your clubs are too long for your height your swings and strikes will be slower and less accurate. Can short men use juniorkidsteen golf clubs.

Junior golf clubs will be shorter and lighter than standard mens golf club sets. Shorter golfers are often better served with shorter clubs while the lie angle how the club sits on the ground may also need tweaking. A shorter driver could lead to more centerface contact for more distance but weve also talked to golfers who are using longer-length clubs with a lighter shaft for added lengthspeaking to the.

This has its point of diminishing returns. Absolutely but only if you are under feet tall. Good golfers can actually handle longer clubs than what their wrist-to-floor measurement would suggest.

If youre a beginner shorter clubs can be more forgiving. For more control over any given shot it is better to have a short shaft. The good thing about using clubs that are a bit shorter for your height is that your accuracy is not compromised.

The wedges and shorter irons have a high amount of loft and therefore hit the ball higher than the longer irons and woods. Its always better to have clubs that are a little longer than you need instead of clubs that are a little too short. If you are very short youd be fine using junior golf clubs.

The length of the club can improve or hinder the distance on your swing. Yes we know you are looking for a set of golf clubs for a shorter golfer but the Strata by Callaway Golf can sometimes do the trick. Womens standard golf clubs are roughly meant for heights 54 to 58 64 inches to 68 inches.

Junior golf clubs come in many different sizes so youd probably be looking for the largest junior sets. Basically a longer club can provide better distance. However you may find that you cant cover as much distance as you would with a correct sized club.

Most people find it easier to create the desired spine and shaft angles swing planes and contact with the ball when using a shorter club. Because of the extra back spin created by high amounts of loft these clubs are best utilized for shorter controlled shots. If youre short you may just need to get your clubs shortened after purchasing them.

The key advantages to shortening your golf clubs are as follows. The length of the club is measured from the end of the grip cap to the ground. As would be expected the shorter club and improved planes create better accuracy with the golf shots.

Many short golfers have no trouble switching to these clubs and having great results in their game. While most golf clubs for men dont come with the option of different lengths usually regular clubs are the best option for short men as well. It surprises people though that they can actually hit the ball farther with these changes mostly because of the quality of contact and the improved ability to pass energy from the club to the ball.

When measuring for the right length the club must be placed in the position used when playing at address. Theyll do this at any golf shop or even places like Dicks. Manufacturers make equipment based on neutral specifications which can leave shorter or extremely tall golfers with clubs that are not suited for your size or swing.

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