Are Women's Golf Clubs Shorter Than Men's

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Ladies drivers have a minimum 12-degree loft vs. For example a standard mens steel-shafted 5-iron is typically 3775 inches long while the womens version is 3675 inches long.

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The shorter the club the more control you have.

Are women's golf clubs shorter than men's. For instance most drivers for men are 45 to 45 12 inches. Usually a tall golf club is 1 inch longer than the standard length club and for short golfers -1 inch shorter than the standard length. As with mens golf clubs there are standard sizes for the shafts of womens golf clubs.

Coinciding with this if youre taller than the average woman you may prefer Mens clubs. When it comes to golf clubs for women there are three main lengths. As with most womens golf clubs the hybrids have a shorter shaft than mens hybrids.

Do Shorter Golfer Need Shorter Clubs. Womens hybrid golf clubs look a lot like mens featuring a lightweight design that delivers excellent clubhead speed. Shaft Length The average woman in America today stands 5 foot 4 inches tall where the average man comes in at 5 foot 9 12 inches those five plus inches make a huge difference when youre talking about golf clubs.

This is one reason why it feels lighter than your own Big Stick. As said earlier there are golf club well targeted at the tall individuals so are there for short golfers. There are two major differences between mens and ladiesgolf clubs the length and flexibility of the shaft.

The Differences Between Mens Ladies Golf Clubs Overview. Womens height in relation to their arm length their swing speeds and their balance points were all factors when engineering our equipment. Higher loft helps women.

Also the lower the swing weight all else such as head weight being equal. Differences Between Mens and Womens Clubs A standard womens golf club is 1 inch shorter and more flexible than a comparable mens club. Petite length womens standard and mens standard.

Ladies clubs are typically 1 inch shorter than Mens and are designed with more flexible shafts for slower swings but you may wish to disregard them if you have a fast swing 80mph and above. Its always better to have clubs that are a little longer than you need instead of clubs that are a little too short. Because many women are shorter than men womens golf clubs are typically shorter than those designed for men.

Womens standard golf clubs are roughly meant for heights 54 to 58 64 inches to 68 inches. Womens golf clubs tend to be shorter because womens arms are usually short as well so manufacturers try to keep the length consistent with players arm length. Similar technology is applied to mens and ladies golf clubs but ladies clubs are generally shorter.

This is why the standard womens driver is about an inch shorter than a standard mens driver. 9 to 11 degrees for mens drivers. Because the hybrid clubs use a smaller clubhead than whats found on a fairway wood players can use them from tougher lies.

But women also have lower centers of gravity and proportionally longer arms than men. Although standard womens golf clubs may still be a little big for you you can simply choke down on the golf grips by an inch or two. According to major golf club manufacturers such as Callaway and Ping ladies clubs are generally as much as 2 inches shorter than mens.

For example a standard ladies golf driver has a shaft length of. In order for a set of clubs to be considered petite the shaft lengths of all clubs must be shorter than the standard womens clubs. What constitutes a typical womens golf club.

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