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The key is to find out your Sand Wedges loft and go at least 4 degrees over that. Your 60 degree will allow you to get the ball much higher in the air than you would be able to with your other wedges.

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You can find them as low as 58 degrees of loft or as 64 degrees.

Best 60 degree wedge bounce. On average it should be around 70-80 yards. Who it suits. Your 50 will likely be the same regardless of where you play and if it has eight or 12 degrees of bounce.

Most players will benefit from carrying four wedges which lead to. Ideal for a shallow angle of attack in firm conditions it has proven popular with players in Europe who are more often faced with links-style conditions but is also used by PGA Tour players such as Jordan Spieth and Justin Thomas. 60 degrees loft 4 degrees bounce notated as 6004 on the wedge Before reading further check your wedges so you can understand how to use each one to your advantage.

A sand wedges high bounce is critical for their purpose allowing you to play in sandy conditions without digging your leading edge into the soft sand. Cleveland Cg12 60 degree wedge. Most of my chips are played with either my 50 pitching wedge or.

The next thing that differentiates lob wedges is what is known as bounce. But bounce which according to The Sand Trap is the angle of the sole against the ground at address is just as important to a good golf shot as loft. For example if a wedge has 608 printed on the sole it means the wedge has 60 degrees of loft and eight degrees of bounce.

I use a Vokey 5804 L bent to 60. Yes usually on the back or hosel of the wedge. Lets say youre playing 50- 54- and 58-degree wedges.

Typically sand wedges have 10-12 degrees of bounce though some of the best sand wedges in this guide range from 8-15 degrees of bounce. The thing you need to pay attention to is the 54 and the 58. Most lob wedges on the market have 60 degrees of loft but that is not standard.

Is the grind printed somewhere on the wedge too. I use a LW as my get out of jail rather than an all-purpose around the green club. The greater the wedge bounce degree the higher the leading edge is off the surface at address.

Sent with Australia Post Standard. Cleveland Golf Mens RTX-3 VMG. 50 54 sand wedgeor 58-degree wedges.

Cleveland Golf Mens RTX 4 Wedge. What bounce is best for a sand wedge. Vokey recommends 4-6 of loft separation between your wedges resulting in 10-15 yard gaps.

52 degrees loft 8 degrees bounce notated as 528 on the wedge Sand wedge. Callaway Golf Companys Mens Chrome Mack Daddy 4. The T-Grind offers a versatile low bounce option in both 58 and 60-degree.

I like the low bounce in the LW slot because it gives me the most versatility around the greens. If you are someone who can make a great swing then it is quite possible to reach around 100 yards with a 60-degree wedge. Golf Pride Midsize multi Compound Grip.

The five best 60 degree wedges are as follows. In fact Bob Vokey says that Bounce is your friend because it provides forgiveness on all wedge shots allowing you to still strike the ball properly even if you make mistakes. Wedge Flex shaft.

The absolute best times to use your 60 degree are when you need to clear a hazard or need to get the ball to land softly with very minimal roll out. Degrees of Bounce on Golf Wedges. 56 degrees loft 12 degrees bounce notated as 5612 on the wedge Lob wedge.

The best way that I have found to figure out what degree wedges you need is to find out what the loft of your pitching wedge is by searching for your club specs on google. 52 56 sand wedge or 60-degree wedges. Having the proper wedge bounce and grind option promotes optimal contact control and ball spin.

Best 60 Degree Wedges In 2021. And if the swing of yours is terrible then probably you have to remain happy with a stroke that will take the golf ball around 50 yards at all. TaylorMade Golf MG2 Wedge Best 60 Degree Wedge Cleveland CBX Full Face Wedge Runner Up 1 Callaway Mack Daddy 4 Wedge Runner Up 2 Wilson Harmonized Wedge Best Cheap 60 Degree Wedge Callaway Mack Daddy 5 Jaws Womens Wedge Best 60 Degree Wedge for Women.

The higher the degree of bounce to a club the better it runs over the ground rather than cutting into it. Golfers generally know that the loft of a club helps get the ball in the air. The bounce angle is the number that comes after the loft of the wedge.

Precise distance gapping is a critical step in selecting the best wedge set make-up for your game.

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