Best Bounce For A 60 Degree Wedge

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Ideal for a shallow angle of attack in firm conditions it has proven popular with players in Europe who are more often faced with links-style conditions but is also used by PGA Tour players such as Jordan Spieth and Justin Thomas. A lob wedge has a loft of around 58-64 degrees.

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With that being said I now hit it just as good as any other club.

Best bounce for a 60 degree wedge. Most of my chips are played with either my 50 pitching wedge or. Cleveland calls that low bounce. Cleveland RTX 4 Sand Wedge Grind Options from Full Bounce Mid Bounce Low Bounce X Low Bounce Cleveland CBX Wedge Sand Wedge 12 degrees of bounce Titleist Vokey SM6 5 Grind Options with different bounce degrees for your playing style Callaway PM Grind.

Depending on if there are any hills or obstacles in your way it might be best to use a sand wedge or lob wedge to pop the golf ball up into the air and land softly onto the green. A bounce angle of 10 degrees or above is considered high bounce for a lob wedge. This is a milled grind club with tremendous precision in its design.

The 60-degree wedge is more preferable if you are at a beginner level of golfing. Specialty gap wedges may. Less than 5 degrees of bounce is considered low and 6 degrees to 9 degrees is seen as medium bounce.

I use a Vokey 5804 L bent to 60. 56 degrees loft 12 degrees bounce notated as 5612 on the wedge Lob wedge. 60 Vs 64 Degree Wedge.

In the sixty loft you can get either ten degrees of bounce or eight degrees of bounce. A low bounce wedge 4-6 degrees with a flat grind will get the leading edge spot-on through impact so you can precisely pick the ball off the turf. The 60-degree wedge also offers a more versatile range of shots than the 64 degree wedge.

Well my latest 60 degree wedge has 4 degrees of bounce. This wedge gives more margin for error so you can make your shots easily and control the swing. They have a standard bounce that is 12 degree bounce.

I have a Cleveland 60 degree wedge with a 8 degree bounce. I did not intend on getting one this low but I grabbed the wrong one as I was swinging different clubs. Sand wedges have the most amount of bounce of any wedge usually between 10 and 16 degrees according to Learn About Golf.

Sand Wedge Lob Wedge A sand wedge has a loft of about 54-57 degrees. If I were to hit my 60 degree wedge with a full swing it would probably go 90-100 yards. Is there a standard for bounce in a 60 degr.

If you tend to brush the turf rather than send a divot flying forward then grab a broom – youre a sweeper. I just pay more attention to what my lie is now. If you know how far you hit your 54-56 degree subtract 10-15 yards to get a good idea of how far you can hit a lob wedge.

You should be focusing on using your 60 degree around the green and in touch situations. Who it suits. The MG2 also comes in other lofts.

60 degrees loft 4 degrees bounce notated as 6004 on the wedge Before reading further check your wedges so you can understand how to use each one to your advantage. Wedge for the Job. As the name implies the bounce enables the clubhead to bounce off the sand or grass without digging in.

The T-Grind offers a versatile low bounce option in both 58 and 60-degree. Top Wedge Company Sand Wedge Options. I like the low bounce in the LW slot because it gives me the most versatility around the greens.

Callaway MD5 Jaws C-grind or Callaway MD5 Jaws W-Grind Low Bounce. Having the proper wedge bounce and grind option promotes optimal contact control and ball spin. I researched some of the other brand name wedges some of them have a standard bounce with only 8 degrees.

Here are the main types of bounce you will find in your wedges. In fact Bob Vokey says that Bounce is your friend because it provides forgiveness on all wedge shots allowing you to still strike the ball properly even if you make mistakes. Most golfers understand their golf clubs in particular their wedges differ by loft – typically from a 45-degree pitching wedge up to as high as 64-degrees for the most extremely lofted lob wedgeBut there is also another angle you need to be aware of and thats a wedge bounce angle.

I use a LW as my get out of jail rather than an all-purpose around the green club. There is a 58 wedge as well if that works better for proper loft progression in your golf set. Although the exact bounce angles of lob wedges vary by manufacturer the options of high medium and low bounce are generally available.

The greater the wedge bounce degree the higher the leading edge is off the surface at address.

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