Best Golf Swing To Protect Lower Back

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Golfers should emphasize a smooth rhythmic swing as this produces less stress and less low back pain such as minimizing muscular effort and disc and facet joint loading. Bio-mechanical forces on the trunk shoulders and hip rotation place huge amounts of strain on the lumbar spine and research has found that the amount of compression loads during one single golf swing can be the equivalent of up to eight times our body.

Long Term Solution To Lower Back Tightness And Golf

With club speed often exceeding 100 miles an hour at impact with the ball whenever flexibility is lacking all the stress from the golf swing angle can be placed on the low back.

Best golf swing to protect lower back. Watch School of Golf Wednesdays at 7PM ET on Golf. Squat your lower body slightly during the downswing. Shift the vast majority of your weight to your left leg with your shoulder and hips level and turned open upon impact.

The golf swing requires great rotational mobility to develop and transfer energy to the club. The simple fix is from set up all you do pull. Ad Fix your golf swing by fixing these 6 aspects and be on your way to a better swing.

The golf swing is explosive and involves a coordinated rotation of the hips and shoulders and slight movement in the low back. Ad Free Video Course – How To Make Solid Contact With Your Irons More Consistently. Simple Proven Techniques Used By All Top PGA Tour Professionals.

A bigger turn can help power up your swing so dont sleep on this stretch. You need to use your legs just as you did in the backswing. I know it feels powerful but this is going to hurt you.

One of the number one common back pain issues in the golf swing starts right from setup and if you start set up with a lot of curvature in your spine because you didnt pull your belly button in at address its going to continue to get worse throughout your whole swing because your backs in a position where its not in neutral joint alignment. This means less lower back pain and more flexibility to turn in your golf swing. The first line of defense against lower back pain is to create optimal movement patterns in the areas directly above and below the lumbar spine – the hips and thoracic spine.

With a proper swing the shoulder pelvis hip and thoracolumbar segments chest and lower spine rotate to share the load of. Lateral Pillar Bridge Lie on one side putting your head on a straight line and elbows under the shoulder Push your hips off the ground and create a straight line running from your ankles to the shoulder Hold for about 3 seconds Make sure your head is aligned with your spine Do 10 reps on one. Simple Proven Techniques Used By All Top PGA Tour Professionals.

Ad Free Video Course – How To Make Solid Contact With Your Irons More Consistently. And thats when back problems developoftentimes serious onesbecause the lower spine is forced to. The golf swing applies a large amount of stress on the lumbar spine which explains why the most common injury in golfers is lower back pain.

To protect your back maintain a bent right knee and turn your left shoulder downwards on the backswing. Watch this Rotary Swing member favorite on how to build your golf swing from the ground up so that you can protect your back and play this game for years to come. Get an Easy Body-friendly Way to Add 20 30 Yards Off the Tee.

And thrust your pelvis toward the target during the finish. Swing help for bad backs Martin Hall and Holly Sonders share a quick tip to help the golfer who struggles with a bad back.

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