Best Wedge Bounce For Average Golfer

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It also works well in very soft conditions. A high-bounce sand wedge has a bounce angle of 12 to 18 degrees.

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Low bounce wedges are designed for clean ball contact and will give you precision around the green from tight lies.

Best wedge bounce for average golfer. If theres one wedge that golfers practice more often with its none other than the best 56 degree wedges. This bounce angle is adequate to hit the ball out of hard or wet sand. Again you would probably not want to use ten degrees on all of your clubs as you wont have very much versatility.

The majority of golfers will want this type of sand wedge. Top Wedge Company Sand Wedge Options. These wedges are very versatile for players who like to be creative around the greens.

A bounce of 10-15 works best on soft sand. Mid bounce wedges range between about 7-10 and are most played on firm to normal turf. Also if your golf ball is in the rough I.

Sand Wedge Lob Wedge. Low bounce wedges are typically between 4-6 like the lob wedge in my bag. Check it Out On Amazon.

Theyll even change their wedges week to. Cleveland Golf CBX Wedge – Editors Choice. Cleveland RTX 4 Sand Wedge Grind Options from Full Bounce Mid Bounce Low Bounce X Low Bounce Cleveland CBX Wedge Sand Wedge 12 degrees of bounce Titleist Vokey SM6 5 Grind Options with different bounce degrees for your playing style Callaway PM Grind.

Look for a high bounce 10-14 degrees wedge with a cambered sole that is wide at the centre and tapers off toward the trailing edge. Who it suits. TaylorMade Milled Grind Hi-Toe.

Pinemeadow Wedge – Best Average Golfer Budget Wedge. Pinemeadow made this wedge for the beginner golfer but those who are average and just below average should be able to use it well too. K grind is the highest bounce option and also the most forgiving making it great for mid-high handicappers.

This wedge bounce type is the most versatile for more players and can apply to a wide range of course conditions. Depending on the golfer and course conditions a variety of bounce options could be ideal. Callaway Mack Daddy 3 Chrome S-Grind Wedge.

Many PGA Tour pros mix and match high- and low-bounce wedges to best handle various scenarios around the greens. If your bunkers have really fluffy sand or you dig and arent the best from bunkers this is a great option. Some points about wedge selection for the average golfer.

Depending on if there are any hills or obstacles in your way it might be best to use a sand wedge or lob wedge to pop the golf ball up into the air and land softly onto the green. Standard wedge bounce is around 10 degrees and that is probably the most common wedge bounce or about average. This will balance out your steep angle of attack into the ball and level the wedge out through the turf to stop it getting too deep and funky.

A lob wedge has a loft of around 58-64 degrees. As customizations in golf clubs have gotten more popular there are many more choices in wedge bounce and grind. As with most sand wedges you can pick from the bounce angle you want so make sure you know what works best for your play style and where you choose to play.

Wedge for the Job. Typically a bounce of 5-8 is considered best for a lob wedge. Best Wedges for The Average Golfer.

This low bounce wedge is ideal for firm turf conditions and bunkers with hard or thin dirt like sand. Callaway MD5 Jaws W. This delivers an average performance for golfers with a typical swing plane.

Having said that is is also used by some of the worlds best players. A standard-bounce sand wedge also known as a mid-bounce sand wedge has a bounce angle of 7 to 12 degrees. Its the go-to golf wedge for many many golfers irrespective of the type of shot as long as its within 100 yards.

A sand wedge has a loft of about 54-57 degrees. Cleveland Golf Smart. The TaylorMade Milled Grind Hi-Toe wedges are our top choice for the best wedges for average.

And thats the most valuable thing about the club. Mid bounce wedge Wedges with a mid bounce angle 10 to 14-degrees are the best all-around wedges for playability in all types of conditions and all golfers. Heres A Quick Product Synopsis.

Players tend to choose mid bounce wedges to create shots around the green as they help achieve exact distance and trajectory control. If your golf course has soft sand you may need a lob wedge with a higher bounce than the typical range. Best Wedges For Average Golfer.

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