Can I Use A Hybrid Off The Tee

Generally speaking the Teton Golf Hybrid is designed for casual golfers. Hybrids are meant to replace your long irons but can also be used to tee off.

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Generally you should tee the ball little lower for your hybrids club than your fairway woods.

Can i use a hybrid off the tee. Another huge perk of hitting hybrids over long irons is that they are adjustable like your fairway woods and driver. Hybrids have many of the same benefits you see in a fairway wood off the tee. The tee advantage.

Also theres a chance you can hit a hybrid out of a fairway bunker I wouldnt even entertain the thought of trying that with a fairway wood. If I had to choose Id go with a hybrid. When using a hybrid in lieu of a long iron hit the ball just as if you were swinging a long iron.

With a hybrid most amateurs try to sweep the ball. I cant hit the 3 wood off the deck I use it strictly for tee shots. Because hybrid club has more weight on its sole you want the weight to get under the ball for more solid contact.

When teeing off with a hybrid keep your swing the same as if you were using a fairway wood but. That said highly skilled golfers may find some use out of this club as well. Place the golf ball so that its bottom is just above the grass and not higher.

Although most hybrids replace the long irons you can find hybrid versions of all irons including the pitching wedge. Plus the ball gets up higher landers softer and is much more forgiving than a typical long iron. Most of the time I hit the fairway or am at least not in the trees.

With a rare exception you are going to be hitting almost all of your driver shots off of a tee. Hybrids are a great choice off the tee when you need to prioritize accuracy over distance. When you do use your hybrids on the tee remember to tee the ball very low to the ground.

We will now break down a few of the situations where you might benefit from using a hybrid. When the course gets narrow be smart and swing a hybrid off the tee to help your ball find a safe place to land. When to use your hybrids One of the best things about the hybrid iron is that it is perhaps the most versatile club in the game.

Good luck getting down to Cat 1 – youll get there with determination practice luck accuracy and consistency. The hybrid club head is the perfect size to make it easy to hit off the deck in the rough or even off the tee. I get around 250-260 out of it and 235-240 out of the 2 hybrid.

While you are obviously allowed to put a tee under the ball for iron shots hit from the tee box as well you still want to keep the ball close to the ground so you can hit down through the shot. Hank Haney said you should tee the ball about a half inch above the ground for your hybrid clubs. Murphy says you can hit a hybrid almost as far as a driver if you do it right.

The club might look like a fairway wood but you should play it like a middle iron. You probably wont want to hit a hybrid off the tee on a wide-open par five but a short and narrow par four would make for a great opportunity. I had the 2 hybrid before the 3 wood so I suppose i have done what you ask inadvertently.

It is a 14Â 3 wood. The key to hitting the hybrid pitching wedge is to let the club do the work. Higher loft less side spin shorter length and more control.

A hybrid though only goes about 170. Scratch buddy of mine often takes a hybrid off the tee for accuracy and position. Think it gives you a few more options rather than just off the tee and on a longish par 5.

Its an ideal choice for playing a narrow Par 4 hole off the tee. But its his warning about how NOT to do it that I think many of you will be more interested in. However using your hybrids off the tee is a great way to keep your ball in play and stay out of trouble more often than not.

Driver is a different tool for a different job – what its isnt is what you should use off the tee on par 4s and 5s. Murphy says that the correct way to hit your hybrid long and straight is to tee it very low so the tee almost doesnt show above the ground and make the same swing a level to slightly downward sweeping blow youd make from. That means striking down on the ball and even taking a little.

You can use it from the tee the fairway the rough the fairway bunker and even for chip shots around the green. Hitting your driver is fun but it also invites some risk into the picture. When the hybrid club is near the ball only one-quarter of the golf ball must be above the top of the hybrids club head.

There are hybrid woods and hybrid irons. Its an excellent solution for anyone who would love to get more consistency off the tee but doesnt have time for extensive driver practice. In addition to those positives hybrids also give you the versatility of an iron since they are iron replacements in your set.

I can however hit a hybrid off the tee pretty well.

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