Can I Use Regular Deep Cycle Batteries In My Golf Cart

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You must however use a deep cycle battery and not automotive batteries. And then there is price.

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That means the 6-volt battery will provide more energy long-term and can survive a deep discharging better than a 12-volt battery.

Can i use regular deep cycle batteries in my golf cart. Theyre both technically gel lead acid batteries designed for deep-cycle purposes reports It Still Runs. Marine batteries are not as tough and they wear out quicker. Yes a deep-cycle battery is a battery that is regularly deeply discharged using most of its charge over a period of time therefore needing a longer period of charging.

Once you get enough power in them you should be able to hook up the golf cart charger and take the batteries the rest of the way. Golf cart batteries are deep cycle batteries designed for heavy long-term use. These batteries can be discharged and recharged more often and last longer than the 12-volt deep cycle batteries.

Electric golf carts normally use six 6-volt batteries to supply power. How to Charge Dead 8 Volt Golf Cart Batteries. This video covers selecting a golf cart battery based on your application vs price.

One way to recharge dead golf cart batteries is to use a smaller 6 volt battery charger. A Deep Cycle Battery or AGM Battery is best for Solar Camping Caravan Camper Vans Camper Trailers Motorhomes Marine 4WDs RVs Off Grid Solar because Deep Cycle Batteries are very efficient energy storage units that allow you to store and use power. You can use golf cart batteries in an RV to great effect but not the other way around.

The rate you use your golf cart with lead-acid batteries will also determine how long your lead-acid batteries last as a pack. The charger is very simple to use and can be activated by just pushing a button. You can use a golf cart battery recovery unit to help you get the desired volts back into your dead batteries.

You can also take a look at our blog post on marine starting batteries VS deep cycle. Yes Its possible to use a marine battery in place of electric golf cart batteries. Classic deep cycle batteries like the Concorde SunXtender dont like the bouncing and jostling and vibrating environment of a golf cart so golf cart batteries were invented as a good enough battery that could be deep-cycled over and over again at the same time being tough enough to be bounced all over a golf course.

It can also survive more rechargings. Briefly a deep cycle golf cart battery can be designe. Overall most full-time RVers and RV technicians recommend using two 6-volt golf cart batteries.

Golf cart batteries are a really tough sturdy type of deep cycle battery that tolerate deep discharges fast discharges and jostling and bouncing around a golf course. Golf carts can be modified to use 12-volt marine deep-cycle batteries but this modification would. This action applies a huge voltage into the battery bank of the golf cart.

These batteries supply enough power for the golf cart to be used for an entire 18-hole round of golf. And while the marine battery is designed for deep cycle use too. The main reason is that the power output and structure of deep cycle batteries fall roughly within the minimum requirements needed to run a golf cart.

An example of a non-deep-cycle battery would be a regular car battery which would be used for a short burst of high-amperage cranking before being recharged. The 12-volt starting battery you have in your car is a shallow discharge type. A 6-volt golf cart battery has thicker plates inside as compared to a 12-volt deep cycle battery.

However this similarity doesnt mean that they should be used interchangeably. It is designed to deliver a high amperage burst of power to start a car and not as a long steady electric source. If you try to use a deep cycle battery to start your car or putt a conventional car battery in your caravan you can damage your equipment not to mention it being highly unsafe.

Lead-acid batteries cost less upfront but do not last as long as their competitor and require regular maintenance throughout their life span. The golf cart run by a deep-cycle battery will not be speedy as the typical golf carts. Electric golf carts get deep cycle batteries and not automotive batteries.

To help you better understand the workings of deep cycle batteries and conventional car batteries heres our guide to the main differences between the two. There is one little detail or two first one is the golf cart batteries are built to withstand the deep cycle use in the golf cart. Gas golf carts get automotive batteries and not deep cycle batteries.

Even though deep-cycle batterys power output is significantly less compared to the regular golf cart batteries they can still be used in golf carts. However unless you want to spend more money for them you are better off being aware of the task at which your battery will be doing. Its construction is not a robust as the golf cart battery.

Most golf carts come standard with a deep cycle lead-acid battery.

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