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While golfers typically use hybrids to replace their 1-4 irons and to fill that awkward gap between a fairway wood shot and mid-to-short irons you can hit hybrids off the fairway from the rough or off a tee. Check if you tend to tee the hybrid up like a 3 wood when hitting it off the tee.

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Unless you WANT to hit a hook with your hybrid.

Can you hit a hybrid off the tee. If youre like most golfers that logic disappears when you get on the tee of a par 4 or 5. Hybrids have many of the same benefits you see in a fairway wood off the tee. Slightly forward of the bottom is okay too.

Josh Boggs set out to create a unique golf club that was easier to swing than a conventional driver but achieved the same distance. Plus the ball gets up higher landers softer and is much more forgiving than a typical long iron. To hit the hybrid off the tee you are going to do roughly the same thing that you would to hit it off the fairway.

Place the toe of the hybrid against your left heel with the clubface pointing toward your body. The first is that you are going to play the ball slightly more forward in your stance so that it is just inside your leading foot. Tee up with about half the ball above the clubs top line.

Another huge perk of hitting hybrids over long irons is that they are adjustable like your fairway woods and driver. To find the right spot. Consider teeing the hybrid as low as possible.

Players teeing off with a hybrid is a great way to improve your shot-to-shot management on the course. There are two small differences. In order to accomplish this your golf ball should be just slightly forward of center.

You probably wont want to hit a hybrid off the tee on a wide-open par five but a short and narrow par four would make for a great opportunity. A hybrid rescues you from bad lies and of course it helps in other ways also. Your weight should be evenly distributed across the feet or.

This is not the case with your hybrids. Play the ball between the center of your stance and the left instep right instep for left-handed golfers. You want to hit a hybrid with a descending strike–think of it as a 5-iron swing.

If you struggle with consistency off the tee you may want to give this brand new club a closer look. While golfers use hybrids instead of their 1-4 irons to fill the gap between a fairway driver shot and mid-to-short irons hybrids can also be used to hit off the rough or the tee. Dont worry too much about the decision.

Your main concern becomes hitting the ball as far as you can and that means taking a rip with the. You can use almost any club down to a pitching wedge to hit the ball off the tee. You can always try different clubs.

When teeing off with a hybrid keep your swing the same as if you were using a fairway wood but keep the ball lower to the ground. If you know how to use them correctly hitting a hybrid in the place of a hard-to-hit long iron can be a real lifesaver especially on a long and demanding par 3. If so consider teeing it up just above the grass like how you would with a 7 iron.

Now when it comes to angle of attack with your hybrids Ive heard some instructors advocate a sweeping motion while others encourage a steeper angle of attack much like you would have with a middle iron. A hybrid club may make it more difficult to hit the stinger because hybrids tend to carry the ball higher and you want a low flight. Higher loft less side spin shorter length and more control.

If you tee the ball high — that is with about half the ball above the top of the hybrid — and make your normal upward driver swing Murphy says YOULL HOOK THE BALL. The hybrid club head is the perfect size to make it easy to hit off the deck in the rough or even off the tee. Check if youre teeing the hybrid very high.

When using a hybrid in lieu of a long iron hit the ball just as if you were swinging a long iron. When you do use your hybrids on the tee remember to tee the ball very low to the ground. Its even a good idea to take a divot after impact.

How to hit a hybrid off the tee. A hybrid does more than rescue you from bad lies. The Teton Hybrid was designed by a Superstar Nike engineer with twelve Golf Digest Hot List Awards to his name.

Hitting a hybrid off a tee is a cinch. Letting the ball creep too far forward in your stance makes it difficult to hit down on the ball. Hybrids are meant to replace your long irons but can also be used to tee off.

Here are a few basic steps. So if you need to get a big hook off the tee you could aim for a hook and make your driver swing. That proves youre hitting down.

Hybrids are a great choice off the tee when you need to prioritize accuracy over distance. While you dont want to hit up on your hybrids like you do with your driver you do want to make contact at the very bottom of your swing arc.

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