Choosing The Right Golf Club Shaft Length

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However in recent times the standard driver length has been accepted as 45 inches. Find the two golf club length charts to choose the best-sized golf clubs for you.

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The first one is your height.

Choosing the right golf club shaft length. First of all have a variety of Drivers between 3-5 clubs that you intend to use. To set the record straight with the right shafts you could add an additional 20 to 25 yards to your game as well as improve your accuracy. In fact the correct shaft can help any golfer hit the ball straighter and farther.

It is the method that is the most used by the golfers. So if a woman is above 5 feet the golf club should come with a length of 43 inches. The heavier the shaft the shorter the overall length of the club and the stiffer the shaft is within the players flex range the greater potential for control tighter shot dispersion.

As a general rule taller players usually need a longer shaft to play at their best. One chart will let you know the recommended length of each club in your bag based upon your height. 5ft 9 6ft 0 Standard Length.

Picking out the Right Shaft Length The length of the shafts also plays a major role in your game. Here are the steps to measure the length of the golf. 6ft 9 7ft 0 Add 2 to Standard Length.

Choosing the Right Flex If your drives carry less than 200 yards you should probably have Ladies shafts and if your ball carries between 200 and 225 yards you should buy clubs with Senior shafts. The flex of the golf club shaft. The process of taking measurements to determine the best irons for you is similar to those of drivers.

However in all cases there are 6 main things you need to consider when choosing the right shafts for your golf clubs. Clearly a player who is extremely tall would not benefit by using golf clubs designed for a player who is much shorter and vice versa. The standard length for a male driver shaft used to be 435 inches for a steel shaft and 44 inches for a graphite club.

Shaft Length in Irons In irons more so than in the driver optimal club length is usually determined by a set of measurements that take into account the players height arm length and swing posture. Longer shafts typically around 45 inches long resulting in faster swings. What-If Standard Sized Irons Are Not Fit for You Method 1.

Consider The Height Unless the swing speed is faster the golf balls will not have the right flight. Take a closer look at the different types of shafts usually offered and find the one thats best for your swing. More details about Golf shafts Step 3.

Ensure that they are 1-2. The following steps are part of the second method of measuring the right golf club length for you. The shafts are golf clubs engines and choosing the.

Key considerations to check are your height body type and physical strength. However the shaft lengthening also has an impact on the lie angle of the club and requires the golfer to make compensatory movements. But if the woman is over 5 feet and 9 inches then she needs to add another inch on the club.

The ultimate goal in shaft fitting is to find the best combination of both Distance and Control. Golf Club Size Guide. 6ft 0 6ft 3 Add 12 to Standard Length.

The type of golf club shaft that best suits your golf game will vary based on things like swing speed ball flight skill-level personal preference and more. 6ft 3 6ft 6 Add 1 to Standard Length. To choose irons for your height Golf Monthly recommends using the golf club size guide below.

How do I determine the ideal length for my golf club Drivers. Manufacturers usually make clubs to account for golfers anywhere between 48 to 67 inches tall. The second measurement is wrist-to-floor distance.

There are two measurements that you need to take before shopping for a golf club. Typically the length of a female golfers club is an inch lesser than that of a male golfers club. The Shaft Although obvious getting the correct length of shaft is a fundamental consideration when buying golf clubs.

6ft 6 6ft 9 Add 1 12 to Standard Length. The flex length and weight can all effect how you are hitting a golf ball.

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