Different Types Of Curl Patterns For Natural Hair

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3A hair is one of the more manageable curl types since they are soft and require minimal styling because they have a lot of natural bounce. If your hair is wavy it will appear straight when wet and will shrink about 10 percent in.

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Your Curl pattern can be straight wavy curly S-shaped or kinkytightly coiled very tight zig-zag shape.

Different types of curl patterns for natural hair. How do I find my natural curl pattern. 3B hair usually has more volume than the 3A. Naturals who are type 4 hair have many challenges beyond curl definition.

About this time last year. Type 1 Straight Hair. Now that I have been able to identify what my hair type is I thought Id share with you what I learned.

Start with wet hair. Well defined curls that are tighter and curls like springs or corkscrews. For ladies with natural hair it is easier to identify the kind of curls you have when your hair is wet.

How to Determine Your Natural Hair Type. The reason we were so confused is because many of us have many different curl patterns on our heads. Type 4a hair forms a tight S pattern while type 4b hair forms a tight Z pattern.

In fact most people with curly hair have several different types of curl patterns. The constant use of these chemical products may cause damage to an African Americans hair. Yara Shahidis hair is a great example of this subtype.

Curl pattern hair texture hair density hair porosity and pro. I did not realize that curls can come in different types. Curl Pattern is determined by how evenly the two sides of a hair strand grow.

If you have noticed that your hair has varying curl patterns you might be suffering from Multiple Curl Personality Disorder. This video has all the important information on determining what your hair type is. What are the different types of natural hair.

In fact the pattern is more of an O and it is coily. Natural hair is a hair texture that has not been altered by chemicals which includes relaxers and texturizers. The curl itself has a large diameter.

For some the difference can be as slight as 4a-4c curls or as huge as 2b-3c. 4c hair is the last subtype on the curl pattern chart and it is the curliest of all hair types. The hair texture of the 3C type is corkscrews curls that have a small circumference almost the size of a pencil.

3B3C 4A 4B 4C. Ad Up to 50 off hair products. Natural Hair Patterns.

You might have some coils kinks curls andor waves depending on the shape of your hair follicles the way your hair falls and most importantly your DNA. If you have hair that has a slight bend but still lays pretty close to. This is where our 4 curl types come from.

Type 2 Wavy Hair. 3B3C 4A 4B 4C. While some strands lie in side-by-side waves others wind around each other.

Free shipping when you spend 50. African American curl patterns commonly known as natural hair are a spectacular part of a black persons culture. I had taken the quiz on NaturallyCurly and pored over pictures of each type wondering why my hair never seemed to fit any particular one aside from the fact that it looked different every day due to my underdeveloped skills and experimentation.

Free shipping when you spend 50. The Curl Type Chart. Ad Up to 50 off hair products.

Type 3 Curly Hair. We like to. Genetics play a huge role in curl pattern.

Try out this transitional hairstyle thatll take you from the office to after-work drinks. Oprah Winfreys hairstylist Andre Walker was the first person to classify the different hair textures into four different types. I found out I had more than one type of curl about 3 months into my curly hair journey.

How to Style Your Curl Type. Find Your Texture Type. There are three types and these are type 2 type 3 and type 4.

This kind of hair texture is usually quite coarse and densely packed together. It has lots of natural volume and frizz is a serious problem for people with this hair type. 3C 4A 4B 4C.

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