Do Custom Golf Shafts Make A Difference

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The distances were all pretty similar but one shaft stood out from the rest. One thing is for sure in all cases you can have the best Clubs best shafts totally custom fit and made for you.

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Not only does the flex of the shaft matter but so do things like weight kick point and torque.

Do custom golf shafts make a difference. The example in the picture on the left is of a college player that we fit roughly 18 months ago. Tour Experience Golf Testing three different shafts in the same wedge to see the difference in launch spin consistency distance control and more. Great article and confirms what any clubfitter has either known or suspected for many years the shaft can make SOME difference but its just one of the several parts of the club-design pie and after making custom-fit clubs for over 30 years part-time I fully agree that hitting balls with various combinations is the only true way of fitting any golfer in the world.

Many times the bigger OEMs will strip off the paint of last years model and give them a new exterior. Golf shafts make a world of difference in your golf game. No company is going to shift the focus away from their product.

The good news is that equipped with the proper information. The shaft can make or break it. The longer shaft coupled with the lighter weight of graphite will give many players especially those with slower club head speeds more distance.

You may not need a complete custom fitting to choose a shaft that works for your golf game. Even if you have been fit before things change and getting fit with the option of testing multiple head and shaft combinations will make a huge difference. From one to the next the balance may be totally different.

No other component is as important as having the kick point bend point and flex that matches the player. The bend profile stiffness weight and torque make a huge difference as well. 2 Club companies dont deal in PUREing because theyre in the business of selling club heads.

Any gains however might be offset by a loss. Getting to hit that many different shafts all with the exact same head really helps you to appreciate how much difference the shaft makes. Thank you to Gleneagles or allowing me to use their awesome f.

1 Some shaft companies do claim that they paint their shafts to indicate an optimal position. During the chat Oldenburg noted the chief difference is the grade of materials being used. Much better dispersion ball flight spin and descent angle.

In the case of an aftermarket shaft high-end carbon fibers sometimes five or six different versions. Shaft is a tweak. I believe an iron shaft fitting does make a difference if you want to have a shaft be a better match for your swing rather.

We have never tested this so we cant comment on whether or not its true. The only difference for the golfer will be feel Of course if an expensive shaft construction translates into a better feel that harmony could lead you to make better swings more often. Find out in this video.

Driver shaft fitting does make a difference. Is it worth having the shafts in your wedges custom fit for your swing. Hitting it lower or higher with the way you create launch and spin will always have a much larger effect than shaft.

Shaft flex total weight profile where the stiffness is in the shaft butttip will all make a difference but the biggest difference will be made by you and your swing. If you do plan on getting fit for clubs its important to understand a process where disconnect exists between consumers and many in the golf industry. Why you should see a professional club fitter One person who knows as much as anyone about professional club fitting is Ed Grabowy head club fitter since 1991 at The Golf Doctor in Woodstock Ga.

The graphics look attractive but you really have no idea what is beneath it. Custom fitted golf clubs are like golf attire a personal choice that works for some golfers. The difference between stock shafts and aftermarket shafts is usually found in quality control.

Too many golfers want to get fitted for new clubs because thats what the salesman or club pro told. No machine can tell you that only hitting balls will tell you. In this video we will look at if shafts make a difference with changes to weight and stiffness.

Do Golf Shafts Make A Difference.

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