Do Golf Club Shafts Make A Difference

Any gains however might be offset by a loss. Choosing the right shaft for your clubs is all part of the goal of giving you consistency.

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10 grams may not sound like a big deal but during the golf swing it can make a big difference.

Do golf club shafts make a difference. Both graphite and steel golf shafts have their positives and negatives. On average our testers gained over 7 yards of total distance with the PUREd six iron compared to the non-PUREd club. A Regular shaft is used by golfers who hit the ball.

Shafts that are too light. A shaft cant make a slice a fade or a hook into a draw. By fine tuning the very specific areas you can really make a difference For example altering the bounce on irons and wedges can make them more or less playable based on their usual angles of attack.

The shaft was very soft almost like an elastic band although it felt dreadful i still found as many fairways as i usually do. Read the link above on shafts and there roll in fitting. The shaft of the club is what helps to make players of all different abilities capable of playing the game and succeeding.

Well a golf fitting haven such as Hot Stix Golf of Scottsdale rarely recommends the stock shaft when performing a clubfitting. First a player will try and compensate and change their own golf swing to accommodate the equipment in their hand. The quality of golf clubs does makes a difference.

How Important are Golf Shafts. That is not to say they dont make a difference but I have yet to find a steel iron shaft reg or stiffer that significantly increases or decreases the ball flight. You will find a match that works well for your game and then that perfect shaft match can change as your golf.

This weight can make a big difference to feel clubhead speed and dispersion the accuracy of your drives. Golf shafts make a world of difference in your golf game. The bend profile stiffness weight and torque make a huge difference as well.

The Seniors flex is meant for golfers who swing a bit harder. It absolutely has an effect on how well you can play. As you might suspect that difference varies.

Ive found one of the biggest things to get right is the steel iron shafts weight. The ball may tend to go to the right or fade side for right-handed golfers because with a too-stiff shaft the clubface is harder to square the clubface is more likely to be open at impact in other words. Depends how poor fitted your shafts are.

Shaft mostly definitely makes a difference but not as nearly as much as people think. It will give you a better idea on how the golf shaft works in the fitting of the golf club. I forgot my golf clubs a few weeks back and used one of the hire sets.

If Your Flex Isnt Stiff Enough. The shaft is similar to the transmission of a car. To heavy total weight you may slice the ball to light you may hook the ball.

Moving the CG location in drivers by hot melting the head can also serve to increase or decrease right or left bias tendencies etc. To start yes new golf clubs will make a difference. Yes and no.

Our first myth is totally busted PUREing a shaft led to significant distance increases. Thats nearly a full club of extra distance despite. While most focus more on shaft flex shaft weight is equally important.

The shaft with the most flex is called Ladies and that is for the shortest hitters. The longer shaft coupled with the lighter weight of graphite will give many players especially those with slower club head speeds more distance. Not only does the flex of the shaft matter but so do things like weight kick point and torque.

Heavier the shaft in theory you should hit the ball lower. However to really answer this question you have to consider skill level of a golfer. From one to the next the balance may be totally different.

However others arent so. It can give you the best chance at striking the center of the face that will result in optimal launch conditions on the course. The shot may feel less solid more like a mishit even if you make contact on the center of the clubface.

Playing golf with an incorrect shaft will lead to a few problems. Getting to hit that many different shafts all with the exact same head really helps you to appreciate how much difference the shaft makes.

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