Do High Handicappers Need A Lob Wedge

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They will usually attempt the grandstand shot to a dangerous pin and either leave it short in some hazard or another or thin it miles through the back. A low center of gravity is also important.

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A lob wedge is commonly used by advanced players as it can to difficult to hit consistently.

Do high handicappers need a lob wedge. This type of wedge can get the ball to travel from 110 to 125 yards. So if you want to hit a shorter trajectory than a pitching wedge but a longer one than a sand wedge then this is the one to use. Although a 60 degree is not really recommended for beginners it is still a great 3 pack deal.

When buying the best wedge for high handicappers you can choose to buy it separately or as part of a full set of golf clubs. Some people say that you need to learn the technique of using a lob wedge by starting with a sand wedge whereas others believe that jumping in the deep end is the best way to learn. Choosing a wedge and shaft with the right loft bounce and grind can help golfers of all abilities fill gaps in the lower ends of their bags.

The four common types of golf wedges. If you are a very good golfer you might need 4 wedges. Sorry great-looking wedges can help high handicap golfers hit more greens and play more rounds of golf.

With a loft of 59 to 65 the goal of the lob wedge is to avoid obstacles. I do believe that mastering the higher lofted wedges of 60-64 degrees requires a great deal of practice hitting all kinds of shots from whatever distance you consider full to delicate greenside chips and pitches. The new wedges are a unique combination of aesthetics and performance.

Either way they are usually taking four to get down from the original position at best. The next kind of wedge is the lob wedge. You need to exert effort in finding the best golf wedges for beginners and high handicappers.

You will have more options with this configuration. Advanced golfers sometimes replace their gap wedge with a lob wedge while others carry four wedges. A PW a GW a SW and a LW.

When you are just starting to learn golf you will need a wedge with a large and forgiving face minimizing the chances that you will miss your shots. You can choose to chip with any or all wedges. The lob wedge has the highest loft usually between 60 and 64 degrees.

However some other high handicappers find that the lob wedge is harder to use and fail to get clean and impressive shots with it. When selecting three wedges make sure you opt for a pitching wedge of 46 degree loft lob wedge of 58 degrees and to compensate the loft angle gap a gap wedge of 52 degrees. High handicappers who have difficulty playing from tight or bare lies and who have a propensity for taking large divots should consider carrying a lob wedge in their bags.

High handicappers should not be carrying lob wedges or even attempting lob shots. The lofts will be roughly 45 50 54 58. A Types of Wedges.

I think the CBX 2 sand wedge and lob wedge will work well for the high handicapper with just a little work on some wedge basics. The ideal number of wedges for a high handicap or beginner golfer aspiring to play bogey golf is three a pitching wedge a gap wedge and a sand wedge. These clubs are used when you need to make a short shot but with additional height.

The pack features a gap wedge 52 a sand wedge 56 and a lob wedge 60 this offers a traditional wedge variation to get you started on the right track. If you can take the time to do that then you might turn that high-loft wedge into a. Opting for four wedges.

As a set the CBX 2s can handle full. As the name implies a gap wedge is one that falls in between the pitching and sand wedge. This type of wedge has been popularized by Phil Mickelson.

The lob wedge should. This gives a uniform distance of 6 degrees between the wedges. Your lob wedge will be for shots that you need to get up in the air and land softly.

Its one of the best golf irons for mid handicappers.

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