Do Shafts Really Make A Difference

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For the slower swing speed folks the max to min carry distance is less than 3 yards. Other stats are similarly small differencesexcept for spin which is more but more spin isnt always good.

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The golfers handicaps ranged from mid-teens to scratch.

Do shafts really make a difference. You could trim the butt some if the best spot is the first assembled length of course then it is a little harder to go back up but doable. The distances were all pretty similar but one shaft stood out from the rest. The clubs had the same head shaft grip loft lie length swing weight and total weight.

Driver Shaft Fitting DOES Make a Difference. Shaft technology as well as the materials used to make a shaft dictates performance. The flex does make a difference If you are looking to purchase new clubs get them fitted to your swing.

I believe an iron shaft fitting does make a difference if you want to have a shaft be a better match for your swing rather than grabbing any old shaft. Driver shaft fitting does make a difference. Much better dispersion ball flight spin and descent angle.

That is not to say they dont make a difference but I have yet to find a steel iron shaft reg or stiffer that significantly increases or decreases the ball flight. Ive found one of the biggest things to get right is the steel iron shafts weight. As a whole the data suggests that for most golfers often significant differences do exist between shafts Really.

The proper clubs can literally mean a 10 point handicap swing or more. A shaft cant make a slice a fade or a hook into a draw. It matters it makes a big difference in feel performance repeatability and consistency.

The shaft was very soft almost like an elastic band although it felt dreadful i still found as many fairways as i usually do. The higher your swing speed the more stiffness you need in the shaft to get the club head to the impact area at the precise bottom of the swing. The short answer – yes it does make that much of a difference but also agree with jseid – everyone should swing at a facility with a variety of clubs brands styles and tech to figure out the right set for you.

Join our new community on Patreon. There is a HUGE difference in the various high end shafts out there. We tested with seven golfers.

Shafts that are too. Shaft mostly definitely makes a difference but not as nearly as much as people think. The example in the picture on the left is of a college player that we fit roughly 18 months ago.

I find at my level 15 that shaft flex can make a lot of differencewent from stiff metal iron shafts to regular iron shaft same brand on Ping irons can now get 4 and 5 irons up in the airalso with the driver I went from a regular graphite shaft to a tour stiff Wilson Triton driver and picked up 20 yards and a small draw where the regular shaft was a constant baby fade. The slower your swing speed the more flex you need in the shaft to make up distance. Even if you have been fit before things change and getting fit with the option of testing multiple head and shaft combinations will make a huge difference.

The only difference was that one shaft has been SST PUREd and the other had not. I do think that it is worth the extra time to fool around with the shaft length a little bit to see if you can make the club feel and work better. I forgot my golf clubs a few weeks back and used one of the hire sets.

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