Do You Buy Golf Clubs Based On Height

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Golf clubs are usually available in two primary lengths excluding juniors and somewhat based on statistics like the average height of an average male and female. This method is also rather conservative and can only be used for adult golfers with classically proportioned bodies.

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It simply takes the difference between the height of a particular golfer and a standard golfer and use a 1 inch change in club length for each 5 inches of height difference.

Do you buy golf clubs based on height. Follow the height chart Based on the chart if the child is for instance 3 feet in height it is better to use a club between 26 to 27 inches. The wrong degree of flex will make it harder for a player to hit the ball squarely and on target. Most kids can begin using adult-size golf clubs once they hit their teenage years but your childs height is more important than age in determining when to switch to adult clubs.

The salesperson may also ask you to swing a club so they can make adjustments and recommend what type of flex and grip would be the best for you. The average womans height in the US. Kids Fitting Chart for Junior Golf Clubs.

Typically if the height range for the set is 44 – 52 inches and your junior stands 48 inches tall you would have a great match. One chart will let you know the recommended length of each club in your bag based upon your height. Each subsequent club is then 05 longer or shorter.

Height Recommendations for Irons Here youll find the standard recommended measurements for golf clubs based on height. So the length can be either 48 inches or lower. Yes but there is a limitation.

Kids Ultralight or Tour Series club. Hybrids are lighter than long irons too so golfers can generate more clubhead speed distance and height. If the club is too long the child will be uncomfortable while taking shots or swing it.

Hybrid numbers begin with the 2-hybrid 16 18 and go up to the 7-hybrid 31 -. This is another method proposed by producers. Children ages 7 and under will always choose the Ultralight but the Tour Series is available for older children.

If your junior is at the lower end of the scale you may want to continue your search as the clubs may be be too long. According to USGA the length of a golf club should not exceed 48 inches. To find a good set of custom-fit golf clubs start by measuring your height and the distance from your wrist to the floor.

Static method no 2 Golfers height. Then visit a store with a club-fitter and give them your measurements. The height is important because you dont want the club to be too long.

Find the two golf club length charts to choose the best-sized golf clubs for you. After determining the height you should also measure the players swing speed for their driver to determine if the child should choose a US. Six feet six inches and taller-add two inches to the standard length of the club Six feet five inches-add one and a half inches to the standard length of the club.

Is approximately 5 5 1651cm with about 68 between 5 2 and 5 7. So if the 6 iron is 38 that means the 7 will be 375. In case of using an iron that should not exceed 23 inches.

First you need to know that each club is based off a length determined by the fitter. Within this limitation you can get club sizes of any length depending on your height or style of play. Buy a stiff flex club for very low handicappers and those who are physically fit with quick swings.

If youre looking for a full set of high-quality clubs for a youth player 10 to 14 clubs you can expect to pay 500 or more.

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