Do You Really Need A Lob Wedge

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So do we ama. Use more loft than you think you need in deep or thick rough.

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Golfers really enjoy lob wedges for shots where you do not have much green to work with and you need to stop the ball on a dime.

Do you really need a lob wedge. Do you need a 60 Wedge or a Sand Wedge. Advanced golfers sometimes replace their gap wedge with a lob wedge while others carry four wedges. I use both sand and lob from the traps depending on where the flag is and slope.

A lob wedge has a loft angle of 58 to 60 degrees or more and is designed to get the ball in the air quickly allowing you to stop it on the green with minimal roll out. Sand wedges are typically 54 or 56 degrees while lob wedges are normally 58 or 60 degrees in loft. When the ball is in deep rough Quick Tip.

Your pitching wedge will most likely come with your iron set and then your sand wedge SW and lob wedge LW will be bought separately. For that reason a lob wedge isnt a bad club to have. Short answer is no.

For shorter shots you would have to either consider a lob wedge or play your shot at less than a full swing. I do use the 56 for most shots around the green but I mix it up between my gap and lob depending on what is needed. Many prosmost notably Phil Mickelsonhave built their reputations on the ability to hit miraculous recovery shots with these higher-lofted clubs.

This golf tip is as simple as. Most golfers agree that a sand wedge is essential in your bag. A 34 shot is much harder to hit than a full shot for a lot of golfers.

A lob wedge can offer very fast lift on those short and very delicate shots if used right but a lob wedge is very easy to shank and chunk shots which new golfers are prone to do. All we needed to be like Mickelson was to get a lob wedge. Probably yes if you learn how.

Of course there are many times when the lob wedge is needed and the only option. But actually there is a benefit of having a lob wedge in your game if you can hit it full power full speed but still keep it under control you will probably go between 50 and 70 hours depending on the golfer but certainly when it comes down it will come down from a great height and it. Do you need one.

As your experience and skills grow you can look at other wedges but to start with one should have at least a. They provide a high velocity with an almost triangular flight path. For the rare occasion.

A lob wedge is the most dangerous club in your bagand not in a good way For professional golfers a 60-degree lob wedge around the green could be classified as a surgical scalpel. People arent 30 cappers because they suck with the lob wedge in fact some are pretty decent with one. This 60 golf wedge can be a great addition to any players club selection because it is a club focused on delivering one thing and.

Also if you are shortsided in a bunker best club to use. However Tom Watson doesnt carry one. With only 14 clubs to choose from you need to make sure you have all the right tools so you can shoot your best scor.

How Should You Use Them. This makes them handy for approaching shots from the fairway or rough. Lob wedges are a short distance club.

You can thank me later or youre short-sided with little green between you and the hole or variables like green break and speed dictate no other choice. Can you hit one. A Lob wedge is a golf club that helps you lob the golf ball high into the air creating spectacular shots.

One pitching wedge one sand wedge and a lob wedge. Due to this incredibly sudden and high arc the lob wedge provides a really static landing with a large but immobile bounce and minimum roll. I think it has a lot to do with what type of course you normally play and how firm and fast the greens usually are.

My 54 M grind is a fine club that can do nearly anything pretty well but in late summer the ground is hard here and on some courses with tight lies around the green where you need to deloft and hit down on the ball to avoid blading it a low-bounce lob wedge will give you quite a bit of forgiveness. I can carry 14 clubs so dmbrill719. But to get the most out of one you generally need good wedge technique but that means you can hit most shots with a sand wedge anyway.

The typical distance that people hit a lob wedge is around 30 to 40 yards from experience and professional golfers can get more in the 60-yard range with a lob wedge. David you are right we dont need this club and even some of the greatest players dont carry them in the bag. A lob wedge is a scoring club that is useful for chipping and pitching around the green as well as for distance wedge situations where you take fairly full swings.

If you are a pretty good golfer you probably need 3 wedges. Yes I like having it in the bag if I need it. You dont need a lob wedge.

I rarely hit full shots from the FW with my 58ยบ but it makes short bunker shots and shots to tight pins a LOT easier. Also for the hard sand we have. A lob wedge is commonly used by advanced players as it can to difficult to hit consistently.

This is a question that might occur to a golfing novice and the answer is not a simple one.

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