Does Custom Fit Clubs Make A Difference

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Actually if your definition of benefit from proper fitting means experiencing visible measurable differences in shot distance accuracy or consistency immediately after getting the newly custom fit clubs middle and high-handicap golfers get this far more dramatically and much more often than do low-handicap players. It made a huge difference to dispersionand distance and hitting it lower is always a bonus on Lyme Regis Clifftop course.

All Pxg Equipment Is Always Custom Fit And Available In Left Or Right Hand Options With Pxg It Only Takes One Swing To Experie Pxg Golf Equipment Golf Drivers

Too many golfers want to get fitted for new clubs because thats what the salesman.

Does custom fit clubs make a difference. Ive been custom fit for all clubs but the main difference is with the driver where it lowered my backspin by over 300rpm and lowered my flight significantly. For one thing your ball flight is going to be different from what it was with your previous set of clubs. It was just the shaft that reduced the spin.

What difference does custom fitting really make. I remember seeing a fitting video with a Tour Pro and the person performing the fitting had to keep reminding the Pro to Make your swing we will change the club to match the move you want to put on the ball. The quality of golf clubs does makes a difference.

Custom fitted golf clubs are like golf attire a personal choice that works for some golfers. To illustrate this point I am going to share the results from two actual and recent fittings. This is a bigger deal than you might think at first.

I do agree with GolfManCollin that the weight may be most important but I recently did a full fitting through TrueSpec and the quality of my ball strike varied greatly with different weight shafts. With irons radically improving with faster and more forgiving faces and drivers packed with more power and adjustability new technology is. I was asked for my preferred spec but rather than going for my tried-and-trusted Project X Pxi 60s a shaft I have used in my irons for the last two years or more I.

For example by having a driver that is fit to your swing you can optimize ball flight which will not only lead to distance gains but also improved accuracy. Fortunately the fitting simulator numbers dont lie and as a result dont sell yourself short by showing up for the fitting with your mind made up on each club head shaft model and shaft flex that you want to put into play. While it should be a good thing for your game in the long run to have custom clubs you might not see the benefits appear on the course as quickly as you would like.

All their clubs are custom fit and their policy is only to supply clubs to us for testing that are dialled in to the individual tester. They will custom fit clubs that suit your swing shaft length lie angle flex etc to ensure that you will have the best chance to lower your handicap. By getting fit for your clubs you can make the game easier said PGA Professional Tyrus York of the High Performance Golf Academy in Lexington Kentucky.

Players can adjust to lie angles and most players can make due with a standard fit iron set without issue. There are unique things about you and your swing – everything from your height and weight to your swing path swing and where you strike the ball. I think it makes a difference.

The first fitting involved a gentleman who had a very good swing but as he had forewarned me in. People with low handicaps Pros can usually make tiny adjustments to their swing to account for any spec change made to their equipment. However to really answer this question you have to consider skill level of a golfer.

To start yes new golf clubs will make a difference. The difference will be amazing. As I mentioned earlier the purpose of getting custom fit is to help identify the clubs that will help you play your best.

Truth be told the clubs can have a huge influence on your ability to hit a good golf shot. Well not necessarily. The most important part is the weight of the club.

However a club that is too heavy will cause the player to be out of balance and make playing golf absolutely miserableimpossible. Custom fitting allows our Specialist to find the exact products that are suited to you. Weight is the most critical factor followed by length.

Does custom fitting your golf clubs make a difference. As you might suspect that difference varies. Once I narrowed down on a weight range the differences were much smaller.

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