How Do I Drive The Golf Ball Further

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Since the science of the sport and the equipment have progressed opt for a driver with 9 or 10 degrees of loft rather than an older 7 or 8 degree driver. This tip can also help you cut down on slicing.

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A fist and a stretched out thumb works well too.

How do i drive the golf ball further. Just spray or cover the club face with one of the products and have a few hits on the range. Based on the above information we often focus on 3 steps to improve your driving distance and maximize your potential. Choose a driver with the proper loft.

You may even find you can hit a draw with a flatter swing. The right pinky touches the left thigh while the right thumb sticks out to the butt end of the driver. To do so you need to focus on balancing three thingsthe backspin put on the ball the speed of your club swing and the angle of the balls launch.

Learning how to increase your golf swing speed is the most efficient way to hit the golf ball further. Try Increasing the Loft To get the ball farther you want to keep the ball up in the air as long as you possibly can. 3 Steps to Drive the Golf Ball Farther.

Rickie Fowler show Golf Digest how to drive the ball further with some insight from Butch HarmonTranscript pleasant music Oh yeah. Golf is a game of opposites. Amateur players can optimize the carry of the ball by selecting a.

The conventional wisdom out there is to. The golf swing requires the body to move through a large range of motion at multiple joints at a high rate. This will put the club on a flatter more horizontal plane that shallows out the angle of attack effectively de-lofting the clubface at impact.

Blah blah blah blah. Here is an example of an article that. There is nothing more rewarding then stepping up to the tee box and knowing that you are going to launch the ball down the middle of the fairway.

Depending on where you are striking the ball you can adjust your swing to try and get the strike as close to the sweet spot as possible. Hit down on the ball to make it go up and swing easy to hit it far. Widen your stance strengthen your grip create lag in your swing make a full shoulder turn widen your swing arc.

1 and narrow my stance so my feet are only slightly wider than my shoulders No. Stand closer to the ball Place the ball just slightly. For golfers around 54-510 it.

Another trick is to stand slightly farther from the ball. Tee the ball higher Move the ball closer to your lead foot just inside the heel Lower your trail shoulder so your spine angle is pointing to the sky a little. Here are a few alterations you can make to your setup and swing to bring down your trajectory and drive the ball a lot farther.

That will give you an idea of where you are striking the ball. Get your FREE membership at Rotary Swing here. Use the lines on the ball and club.

Its the secret to hitting those longer drives and solid golf iron shots and it easier to implement than you think. If you want that distance with your golf ball increase the loft a little bit. For a golfer who is 6 and up this distance usually ends up around 7 inches from thigh to the butt of the club.

There are a million tips out there that tell you how to hit your driver farther. Driving the golf ball straight and long is an important skill that every golfer should develop. To hit a more conservative tee ball I always choke down on the grip a full two inches No.

Follow these 3 steps to hit your drives farther and youll be well on your way to lower golf scores. I tee the ball. Golf is a game of confidence and nothing builds confidence faster than hitting a beautiful draw long and straight down the middle of the fairway.

But our minds are programmed to think that the harder we swing the club the better results well have trying to hit it further.

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