How Do I Know If My Shaft Flex Is Too Soft

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Well technically there is no wrong shaft flex but there certainly is an optimized shaft flex for your specific swing speed. The first indication that your driver shaft is too soft is likely going to be a wild shot pattern from the tee.

Golf Shaft Flex Slow Driver Swing Youtube

If the shaft is too stiff the opposite will occur.

How do i know if my shaft flex is too soft. As the title asks how do you know when your shafts are too soft and hurting your game. The flex may be too soft but thats not why youre slicing. The topic at hand in this article as you can tell from the title is whether or not using a shaft that is too soft will cause your driver shots to balloon.

That results in unwanted hooks. My understanding is that a shaft that is too soft will lead to inconsistent results depending on how you are swinging while a shaft that is too stiff for you will typically have a lower fadeslice unless you make some adjustments that will then change the result. You know as well as I do there are not any standards to Reg Flex Stiff Flex X-Stiff Flex on a label the Butt Frequency needs to be taken to get a literal measurement for stiffness in Butt Frequency.

I have noticed that the higher torque listings do in fact feel softer just as this article states. Misses are fat shots or thin shots. You might be sitting there with what you assume is a X-Stiff but it really CPMs to a Stiff Take one of my driver shafts for example the label says Stiff but.

A slice is caused by an out to in swing flaw. The face will be closed and the ball will be hooked or pulled to the left. 8 iron flies 150 however I gotta swing pretty hard to get the results I want.

If the flex is too soft the ball will fly higher than it should losing distance and the clubface tends to close pulling the ball to the left or the draw side. If you are playing a golf shaft that is too stiff for your swing speed or golf mechanics you may experience the following. Shaft is too light andor too flexible.

Misses both left and right. Using a shaft that is too stiff for your swing will most likely result in a lower ball trajectory and loss of distance as well as an open face at the impact that will push the ball to the right or the fade side. Ss with a 6 iron is still about 82-85 mph.

Its perfectly normal and inevitable to hit a poor drive from time to time. If the shafts on an iron is too stiff it can almost feel as if you are swinging a telephone pole. Heres a quick breakdown of the data for drivers.

While it seems like a shaft that is too soft would lead to a slice the opposite is true. Wild shot pattern. Too much positive attack angle swinging up on the ball or shaft butt section and tip section are too stiff.

This kind of shot might look nice at first but it will wind up in disappointment as it comes down well short of its distance potential. A fade or leaking ball. If your club shafts are too stiff youll have trouble loading them properly during your downswing.

If your shaft is too flexible then the clubface will be open at impact and the ball will either be sliced or pushed to the right. It also will be hard to square the clubhead at impact meaning you will have a tendency to hit. If your drives go right you might benefit from a softer flex.

If the clubhead feels like its dead when you take your swing the shaft is far too stiff. If you have a very smooth swing you might benefit from a softer flex even if you swing fast. I guess the first response guy didnt understand or didnt care what your question was.

A shaft that is too soft will flex too much and release too early causing a hook. A ballooned golf shot is one that climbs high into the air with an excessive rate of spin. Tony Covey 5 years ago Crossfield does good work for the most part but I would simply.

When the clubhead gets to the ball the shaft wont unload properly and the face will remain. If your drives go left you might benefit from a stiffer flex. Furthermore if a shaft is too soft it can cause faster-swinging players to sky tee shots and prompt excessive spin.

Titleist TSi3 9 degree driver with LAGP Trono 65 stiff shaft. If Crossfield said that I think hes mistaken. But if your shots are varying wildly from one swing to the next there is a good chance that your driver shaft is too flexible.

Golfing Youtube legend Rick Shiels suggests that when your shafts are too soft it kicks the clubhead up at impact and angles it left for right-handers. I also switched irons t. The most common mistake is playing a golf shaft that is too stiff.

When the shaft has the right amount of flex the clubheads weight will load the shaft and youll notice a slight springy feeling just before and through impact. If your club feels like a steel rod it is probably too stiff. X-stiff This is the range where most high-level players fall.

Feel the Club Head If your club feels dead when you swing it is likely the shaft is too stiff. With the appropriate flex you can tell when the weight of the head has loaded the shaft. Or way too soft of butt section or tip section causing toe droop at impact.

Unfortunately at that swing speed Ive found that many stock R flex shafts are too soft and many stock S flex shafts are just a little too stiff. Lower ball flight which leads to less distance. Shaft too flexible in butt section A flex when should be an R for.

DRIVER SHAFT FLEX – THE COMPARISON TEST. If youre swinging the driver above 105 mph it might be time to get some X. Im 60 play to 7 and am thinking about moving to softer shaft.

A swing that gets jerky at the topwhen transitioning into the downswingwill probably need a stiffer shaft.

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