How Do I Know Which Driver Shaft Is Best For Me

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A good tip for working out what flex you need is the 150-yard test. If you can hit an 8- or 9-iron 150 yards comfortably then a stiff shaft is for you.

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The swing speed is the main consideration in selecting a driver shaft.

How do i know which driver shaft is best for me. Length Of The Shaft. How do I know what flex shaft i need The best way to ensure you get the correct shaft is to get a professional clubfitting by a trained professional. Your swing speed gives you and a club fitter a general idea of the best swing flex for you.

It is also important to realize that the shaft you choose for your driver may be different than the shafts you use for your irons. You typically swing a driver with a wide arc and hit your irons with a more shallow swing. Mitsubishi Grand Bassara 39 ACCRA FX SRT Project X EvenFlow Blue 55 Graphite Design Tour AD GP 4 and 5 Fujikura Speeder Evolution III 474 and Vista Pro 45.

At one end the NVS 65-R is a shaft that would be rated for use by a golfer with a driver clubhead speed of 70-to-80mph. If you must decide which shaft you should have the best measurement is how far you hit your driver in the air. Other flexes include light or ladies flex.

This could mean the shaft is too long or too heavy. The average driver length on the PGA Tour is under 45 inches. Most shafts typically weigh around 40 grams to 135 grams.

Best Shafts – Mid-High to High Launch. All these properties combine to produce a balance and a feel to a driver and can greatly affect the overall performance of the club. A driver with a 4575-inch shaft same golfer same club head same ball same shaft type could equal 20-25 yards extra distance.

This is the first step toward finding the right graphite shaft. Hi i would like to know how can i choose the best driver and shaft for me without getting fit. Put simply the higher the rating the more the shaft is prone to twisting.

The right shaft can help players hit the ball further straighter and more consistently. Rather than a powerful high shot that travels a great distance shots hit with a shaft that is too soft will just float up into the air as a result of a high spin rate. It is the torque that also determines how the shaft feels to every player which means that the higher the rating the softer the shaft will feel.

A shaft with a 3-degree torque will feel much stiffer than a. The average off-the-rack driver length in 2018 is 455-4575 inches. The more the weight is added the speed of the swing increases.

The swing speed range for all these R-flex shafts from Aldila ranges by 25 mph. 1 Your Shafts Are Too Soft When you are using a club shaft that is too soft for your swing speed the ball will consistently fly high and will often be pushed to the right. This means that you will have a driver swing speed of around 100 mph and you will see the benefits of a stiff shaft.

Use our Fitting Wizard to Find the Right Driver Shaft for YOU. If you barely reach the 175 marker you probably should choose Ladies shafts. At the other end the RIP Gamma 60-36-R is a shaft that would be rated for use by a golfer with a driver clubhead speed of 85-to-95 mph.

The physical properties of best golf driver shafts that should be considered are length weight torque kick point and flex. Most manufacturers will offer drivers in regular R stiff S and extra stiff XS shaft flexes. The general rule of thumb applied by golfers is that those with less swing speeds benefit from lighter shafts.

Im 100 on board with the fact that the best way to know is to get fit by a pro but its pretty impossible for me to do so since i live in a small town and the nearest shop that do fitting is at 4 hours drive from home. Measure your swing speed. This variation could be the main reason why you may hit a driver better than your irons or vice versa.

In some cases the impact on the face is on the heel causing the ball to move from left to right. Shafts are important in all clubs especially in drivers. They do this because a stiff shaft gives them more control over the clubhead throughout the swing.

They will be able to get you on a launch monitor to check all kinds of things like clubhead speed ball speed spin distance and many other factors. Tour Edge EXS Mizuno ST-190 105 Srixon 585. The right weight of the shaft is another essential factor when picking out an ideal shaft for your driver.

So a driver with a 43-inch shaft vs. Stronger players with faster swings typically elect to use stiffer shafts for example. Ad Measure Torque Wirelessly with ATi Non-Contact Torque Telemetry System.

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