How Do You Measure Golf Club Loft

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And as your intuition tells you the more highly lofted a club is the higher will be the trajectory of your ball. Not-so-technically you can think of loft in these ways.

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Measure your wrist-floor length.

How do you measure golf club loft. Knowing what type of golf club you need is the first step in determining the appropriate size. First of all you need to position the club. Manufacturers usually make clubs to account for golfers anywhere between 48 to 67 inches tall.

This is the length of your golf club. There are two measurements that you need to take before shopping for a golf club. Those measuring devices are outrageously priced but one of their main functions is to hold the club perfectly square for you so you can use the protractor slide ruler or whatever the other is to accurately measure lie angle though you can also do this without a gauge.

Now by using the reading on the measuring rod from the end of the grip cap. You must keep the club in a playing position. A golf ruler is then placed at the backside of the club so that the top of the ruler is touching the ground by the clubs heel.

Many of the beginners might hold the golf club horizontally or vertically which is ineffective to measure. All else being equal youll hit the ball higher with a higher-lofted club. Once you set up the club as described use a protractor to measure the angle between the face plane at 90 degrees to the grooves and the vertical.

If you are struggling for more distance and also hitting the ball very high you might want to consider an adjustment your loft. Each club found in a golfers bag will have a different loft angle usually ranging from 85 for a driver with a low ball flight up to around 60 for a lob wedge. Wedges and short irons have considerable loft by design.

Loft is considered to be more of an individual preference based on the desired ball flight. Loft angle – which most golfers shorten to just loft – is an important measurement in degrees applied to the clubheads of all golf clubs. The loft is the angle between the face plane and the vertical plane the shaft is in when the club is in the normal address position and the grooves are horizontal.

Golf clubs have varying. Some golfers may have less or more loft but that usually comes from a putter fitting where the club is tailored to the stroke. The angle formed from the base of the specification gauge to the shafts axis can be read off of the precision gauge.

A golf clubs loft the angle of the clubface relative to the shaft helps determine how high youll hit the ball. Measure it with a loftlie measuring gaugeOr you can try the following method using a carpenters square and a measuring tape to measure the angle of the shaft when the face is verticalProp the. Use a tape measure to find the length in inches between the end of the grip and the farthest point that the sole contacts the horizontal surface.

Measure from the end of the grip to the end of the sole. If you can manage you can forego. If you have a downward attack angle you may want more loft and if you hit the ball on the up then you may want less loft.

Lean the clubface forward onto its leading edge just enough to eliminate any bounce then use a magnetic protractor to measure loft on the iron. The loft of a putter is traditionally between 35-45 degrees. The standard loft on manufactured golf clubs varies from brand to brand.

The first one is your height. The angle of the face of the club with respect to the shaft is called loftDrivers 2 and 3 irons have very little loft. The other essential measurement that youll need is the distance between your wrists and the ground.

Definition The loft of a club is the angle formed by the intersection of the line of the clubface and the line of the shaft. This will show you the loft angle. The golf clubhead is placed into the gauge and adjusted until the center of the sole touches the base of the gauge with the club in the face angle designed by the manufacturer.

Place the club in the playing position so that the sole of the club driver is touching the ground. Ask your helper to measure from the top of your wrist where the top of the club would be to the floor. The second measurement is wrist-to-floor distance.

Stand as straight as possible letting your arms hang loosely at your sides. More importantly the distance you want to hit the golf ball is also a factor. In our example the result is 58 degrees.

Technically loft angle is the angle formed by a line that runs down the center of shaft and a line running down the face of the club. Check if the center point of the glob club is attached with the ground.

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