How Do You Use A Marcel Curling Iron

Spring Type – means that you will use your thumb to open the iron and a spring will close the iron. Hold the iron horizontally and place the edge of the clamp spoon at the bottom indent of the backward C created in your previous section.

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This transformation is what makes this marcel curling iron from Harry Josh a 2-in-1 iron.

How do you use a marcel curling iron. Instead just roll the iron towards your root slightly and hold the other end of the hair around the barrel so that the hair is bent into an S shape. There are 2 types of handles for Curling Irons. Chris recommends starting around the face frame on the sides and throughout the topthis will.

Gather your ends up towards the ceiling. By working with smaller pieces you will be able to get a better hold from each curl. 1 inch on the right and I used the 2 inch on the left.

Spring type irons are normally found in the home. The best part is that you can remove the marcel clamp to turn the curling iron into a curling wand. There is no spring to cause the iron to close.

I used two marcel irons in different rod sizes. Starting in the middle of the strand roll the iron with your knuckles moving upward towards you. Because the clip rotates a full 365 degrees around the rod once the ends of your hair are secured and you move all your fingers on top of the handle you can use your fingers to roll the rod up.

Well this curling iron from Harry Josh has a marcel clamp. Marcel Type – means that your hand will close and open the iron. Watch the direction the hair is moving around the barrel of.

Bend the hair into an S shape. A common mistake is to accidently crimp the ends by rolling in the direction that you would normally roll a curling iron with a spring clamp. Instead Chris recommends taking smaller sections and using a Hot Tools Professional Black Gold Marcel Curling Iron in 1- or 125-inch barrels on short-haired clients.

Place the hair against the curve of the barrel and clamp down turning your wrist out to form a C. For Marcel waves you do not roll all of the hair onto the iron as if you are curling it. Your hand controls the pressure on.

You will see almost all session stylists using a marcel in their kit due to the multitude of curl and wave patterns that can be created These irons run less of a risk of creasing your hair with. Hold the hair this way for about 15 to 30 seconds and then release. Best curling iron size for your hair video.

You can purchase this Hot Tools curling iron At sallys beauty supply. Start Waving These Sections First.

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