How Does Putter Fitting Work

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If you go. Determining a putter head style requires a more dynamic fitting that looks at the players stroke said York who teaches at the High Performance Golf Academy in Lexington and also serves as the head womens golf coach at Transylvania University.

Getting Custom Fit For A Putter Can Help You Hole More Putts

We encourage you to watch the video below and read the accompanying article.

How does putter fitting work. For David Edel that meant figuring out what a putter is supposed to do. One of the key differences of a putter. I want to explain why a putter wants to move the way it does and why a player might react to it differently.

Putter Length 101. Once the putter is balanced on your finger take a look at how the toe the part of the putter where the neck isnt connected to the head is positioned. 2 a putter is a motion system.

How much can a custom putter fitting really help your golf game. Place the ball between the alignment rods and take your normal backswing. Other times a putter fitting might reveal that making a small change in your stroke can solve your issues rather than change your equipment.

Then measure the length from the working end of the dowel-rod to your mark. Each putter shape has a different distribution of weight. I use SAM PuttLab to look at a players stroke type path face rotation and consistency to determine the head style amount of toe.

Our friends over at True Spec which is owned by our parent company 8am Golf can fit you for the ideal putter for your. We use our range of interchangeable major brand heads shafts and grips to piece together allowing us to hand build thousands of putter combinations and the options are growing constantly. Place two alignment sticks parallel to each other pointing in the direction of your intended target.

Grab two alignment rods your putter and a golf ball. Lets talk about the major fitting and design components of putting. In this video we intend to find outThis week Frank and Mike are in Hackensack NJ to get a.

His answer was twofold. If your eyes are too far over or underneath the golf ball youll likely see the incorrect line adjust your backswing unconsciously and not make nearly as many putts. The alignment sticks should be slightly wider than the width of your putter head.

Well for one it has a lot to do with your eye position at address. 1 a putter is an aiming system. One of the biggest mistakes that so many players make is they play a putter that is too long.

Ad Shop Low Prices Top Brands. After you find the stance and length that produces the most stable stroke make a mark on the dowel rod about two inches above the heel of the top hand of your grip – one inch to allow for the height of the putter head and another inch to give some leeway for your grip. For the best results you need a putter fit to your exact specifications.

With a counterbalanced putter head weighing some 50 grams more than a traditional putter head additional weight is placed above the golfers hands. Putter fitting is a balance of art and science. Read Customer Reviews Find Best Sellers.

A rough and ready way to check this is to balance the putter on your extended fingers under the shaft near the putter head. It puts the right brush in the painters hand to create a masterpiece. How Does Putter Fitting Work.

As Bock explained it rotation consistency is the ability to repeat the relationship between the putter face and the path of the stroke from takeaway to follow through. In this article wed like to educate you about a few things that typically happen when a master fitter evaluates your putter at Petes Golf. So what does putter length matter.

Sometimes its as simple as altering the putter to match the technique of the golfer. In broad terms there are three different shapes to consider classic blade putters heel-toe weighted putters and mallet putters that are usually face-balanced. Either way having a session can reveal these tendencies and help golfers improve their consistency on the greens.

With these principles established he set out to develop to best putter fitting system in golf. If the toe is drooping slightly that. Putters are perhaps the most important fittings we do at Petes Golf.

Unfortunately not many golfers take advantage of them.

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