How Far Do Tour Players Hit A 7 Iron

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As of the end of the 2019-2020 PGA TOUR season the tour average runs about 1141 mph and they hit about 2964 yardsdrive which means their driving efficiency is about 260 yardsdrive. Other Notes So the answer to the question How far should I hit my 7 iron is that it depends.

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The average 3 wood goes just under 190 yards and the average 7.

How far do tour players hit a 7 iron. Remember to adjust the figures shown to. The average distance for a pitching wedge is 130 to. 7-iron shots 165 to 180 yards.

A recent study also sheds light on the subject. After watching hundreds of golfers ranging from beginners to professionals the average distance I see the 7 iron travel is around 120 yards men and 80 yards women. On an average of golfers ranging from beginners to experts the average distance covered on course for men is 120 yards while for women it is 80 yards.

7-iron 135 yards 8-iron 125 yards 9-iron 110 yards PW 100 yards GW up to 80 yards SW up to 65 yards And I am far from being the shortest hitting senior at our club. 7 iron carry 163 flat out stung 172. However they still hit the ball farther than most of.

Back in my 40s and 50s I could hit the ball much further and actually won several longest drive prizes. Depending on how efficient their swings are this could represent upwards of 250 yards with the driver and about 140 yards with the 7-iron. This is much better than the average 14-15 handicap golfer who comes in at 229 yardsdrive.

The average below-five handicapper hits it 25093 yards with run 65 yards shorter than the PGA Tours biggest hitter on average. But things such as strike quality are also huge. However the average golfer will tend to hit.

The average PGA Tour player doesnt hit their driver as far as Dustin Johnson Bryson DeChambeau or Cameron Champ. I believe this is the combination that makes the 8-iron go so much shorter. Its a common question one of the most common GOLF Magazine readers ask me and the answer of course is that it depends.

Current technology and ball construction has gone a long way for me. Many golfers want to know what the average distance of the 7 iron is because it is one of the most used golf clubs in your bag. How Far Should You Hit Your Irons Using the standard 7 iron as a baseline we see the average distance you should hit an iron is 135 yards.

When Tour pros put the Titleist Pro VI in play in late 2000 they automatically hit the ball 10-15 yards farther with each iron. Whilst the average driving distance for all golfers using Game Golf is just under 220 yards. According the Leaderboard website PGA Tour players average 4-iron shots travel 210 to 220 yards including the roll.

How far do PGA Tour players hit the golf ball. But youre not here to listen to me drone on about how each golfer is different and unique You want. The average LPGA Tour player doesnt hit their driver 300-plus yards.

8-iron shots 150 to 170 yards. Secondly they spin their 8-iron at 7998 RPM to stop the ball on fast greens. Driver 240 carry and 20 yds roll out ave around 260 when we get the occasional pure shot it goes out to 280 or so.

Since the 7 iron is the most used golf club by many golfers a lot of them are concerned about how far a 7 iron can be hit. And 9-iron shots 140 to 155 yards. A 9 iron will be able to hit a 80 to 90 yards for a beginner 125-135 yards in case of an average player and 145 yards for a professional.

For example when hybrid 3 will hit about the same distance as a well hit 3 iron. In fact very few players on the LPGA hit any 300-yard drives. A hybrid will travel about the same distances as its iron equivalent.

With players in the 0-5 handicap range drivers are topping out at about 95 mph and 7 irons are about 75 mph. On average an LPGA Tour player. Pros can easily hit their 7 iron over 170 yards or more.

One they usually hit weaker lofts than high school players like I do. The PGA Tour 8-iron goes 160 in the air for a couple of reasons. Any long par-4 is now a driver and a 3-wood or hybrid followed by a pitch shot into the green with a short iron or a wedge.

They can hit 5-iron shots 195 to 205 yards. Of course pros do lots of training and have faster clubhead speed than most amateurs. When watching PGA tour on TV sometimes we are surprised by the distance that the pros hit with their iron.

This is how far PGA and LPGA Tour players hit it with every club By. For a start the distance you hit the ball is ultimately limited by the speed you produce you are not going to hit the 7 iron 170 yards with 65 mph speed. What is a good smash factor for a 7 iron.

6-iron shots 180 to 190 yards. I never had this distance in the past. Thats really surprising for amateurs.

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