How Far Should A Senior Hit 7 Iron

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55 yrs old I am not fat just under tall. The swing speed for a 7 iron can vary between 80 to 83 mph.

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148m 161 yards 7 iron.

How far should a senior hit 7 iron. This is the most important fact to take away from this article. Those who allegedly hit the ball forum distances can have a good laugh but these are the distances I achieve as a 69 year old senior golfer in average conditions. Im a fairly good golfer and play off very low single figures but dont hit it far.

If the golfer is a flipper then the swing speed will be greater than a player who plays square to square. To cover a distance of about 160 yards with a 7 iron a swing speed of 86 mph is needed. Total distance would depend on the landscape you are hitting into such as fairway firm green soft green and the degree of spin placed on the ball.

One persons 5-iron distance is another persons 3-iron distance is another persons 7-iron distance. That goes all the way down the bag. Take more club than you think because theres no pride in.

Some seniors find that when they play a regular steel shaft they can only hit it 130 and then switching to senior graphite allows them to hit the ball 140. The average below-five handicapper hits it 25093 yards with run 65 yards shorter than the PGA Tours biggest hitter on average. So I reckon my swing speed is probably high 90s according to your chart.

Whilst the average driving distance for all golfers using Game Golf is just under 220 yards. A pitching wedge for example would. There is no wrong golf club distance there is only your distance.

The only real way to know precisely the. There is no exact science because it will all depend on age technique height weight strength etc etc but the following is a reasonable bench mark. The median 3-wood goes 18689 yards 7-iron clocks in at 13348 yards and pitching wedge at.

Many women golfers carry the 5-iron through the 9-iron along with the pitching wedge and the sand wedge. 23 rows Knowing how far you can hit your clubs can save you numerous strokes over 18 holes. If you cant hit your seven iron more than 135 yards the senior flex shaft is going to be the way to go.

4-6 irons are referred to as middle irons and 7-9 irons are referred to as short irons. The average 3 wood goes just under 190 yards and the average 7. Driver 200-210 yards 3-wood 185-195 yards 3-hybrid 180 yards.

How to I drive my ball further. 130m 142 yards 9 iron. So how far should you hit each club.

Just because you have hit a drive 280 yards one time does not mean you hit your driver 280 yards. 110m 120 yards. At its core the median driving distance is 21955 yards.

I never had this distance in the past. Other club distances of note. Based on a 7-iron swing speed of 90 mph Average speed of all Tour Pros in 2019 you can hit a 7 iron for 172 yards of carry.

Driver 240 carry and 20 yds roll out ave around 260 when we get the occasional pure shot it goes out to 280 or so. For longer distance hitting 1-3 irons should be used as they have the least loft. The 5- 6- 7- 8- and 9-irons will provide 110 100 90 80 and 70 yards.

Wedges are a type of iron designed to launch golf balls high into the air upon striking and as such they have very high lofts. One of the most talked about topics is how far you hit your 7 iron Driver of similar. 119m 129 yards Wedge.

140m 153 yards 8 iron. You can also take into consideration how far you hit your irons as well. 7 iron carry 163 flat out stung 172.

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