How Good Are Lithium Batteries For Golf Carts

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This kind of product has a large capacity per unit and lighter weight than the common lead-acid batteries. Our Service Includes Special Mounting Kit Labour New Charger 390000 105Amp Hour.

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Traditional Lead Acid batteries can weigh up to 330 pounds.

How good are lithium batteries for golf carts. The same is NOT the case with lithium-ion batteries. When you dont use your traditional Lead-Acid golf cart batteries for 1-month they will lose up to 33 of their charge substantial. My Club Car DS is a 48v and has 6- 8volt Trojan batteries in it.

So its time for me to get new batteries for my golf cart. It adopts NMC lithium technology to provide high power high energy densities and thermal stability. A good golf cart needs to maintain consistent power and speed on any course terrain.

You have full 100 power from it until it is drained. 329000 56Amp Hour Requires old charger to be surrendered upon exchange. With the ascent of lithium batteries in some powerful applications many are.

The golf cart market is developing as an ever-increasing number of individuals are exploiting their flexible execution. For quite a long time profound cycle overwhelmed lead-corrosive batteries have been the most financially savvy intends to control electric golf vehicles. For example one important benefit of lithium is that they dont lose power over time.

Lithium Batteries Substantially Reduce the Weight of Your Golf Cart Lithium-ion batteries 72 lbs weigh just 14 the weight of traditional Lead-Acid batteries 325 lbs. So when you convert your golf cart to lithium your cart will lose 300 lbs. Lithium-ion batteries can manage this without a problem but a lead-acid battery will slow the cart down as its voltage dips.

The golf cart battery made by GSL is popular in the golf carts industry for its large power optimization and increased energy. The combined weight is 320 lbs. Meaning if your cart were to sit for just a few months it would not work when you went to use it again.

Traditional golf cart batteries require numerous amounts of maintenance for enhancing their shelf life. One traditional 12 volt 150Ah lead acid golf cart battery weighs 80 lbs and newer 48 v golf carts require four batteries. A 48 volt golf cart example of weight.

Lithium batteries on the other hand will only lose 2-3 of their charge per month when not being used. Each 12 v Lithium golf cart battery weighs 30 lbs and four 12 v lithium batteries in series is 120 lbs. Plus after the charge has dissipated it takes an average lead-acid battery roughly eight hours to recharge back to full.

If you convert your golf cart to lithium ion batteries you could potentially lose almost 300 pounds of weight. Ad Free Shipping Available. Lithium Ion batteries can weigh anywhere between 70 and 80 pounds.

Imagine filling up your gas tank with 100 gallons of gas and the car only being able to use 50 gallons before needing to refuel. This is different than a lead-acid battery which tends to slow down over time and use. 10 to 12 Year Life Expectancy.

Ad Free Shipping Available. Unlike the traditional lead-acid golf cart batteries which have an average of 500 charge cycles a lithium-ion battery has the ability to reach a peak of 5000 charge cycles. I included a helpful video above to highlight the advantages of lithium golf cart batteries over the traditional lead acid golf cart batteries.

Lithium batteries for Golf Carts and Electric Vehicles GOLF CARTS AND ELECTRIC VEHICLES are among the transport vehicles that benefit the most from LiFePO4 lithium batteries. Trojan and US are certainly the top rated golf cart batteries and as you noted also kinda spendy as an initial investment. Add A New Age Lithium Battery System Into Your Cart.

As you know this is not an inexpensive purchase but Ive been reading more about maintenance free lithium batteries and am intrigued. These companies produce high-quality Lithium-Ion batteries using the safest battery chemistry available with built-in battery management systems to protect the longevity of their product. Lithium batteries are very light compared to traditional batteries.

There are many great things about switching to a lithium battery for your electric golf cart. Lead acid batteries are only recommended to be drained 50. Are Lithium Batteries Good For Golf Carts.

BSLBATT 48v lithium ion golf cart batteries Purchasing batteries from any of the above-listed manufacturers will mean you are in good hands. To replace with the same batteries I am looking at 1100-1200. Our lithium golf cart batteries are designed to allow you to safely use 100 of the rated capacity without lowering the life expectancy.

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