How High Should Water Be In Golf Cart Batteries

Sometimes your golf cart batteries are old and worn out. When a golf cart battery is at its peak it should easily be able to cover seven miles without needing to be recharged.

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How high should water be in golf cart batteries. Over water too much water in the cells c. No game of golf should be interrupted by a dying battery. If the battery has been discharged partially or fully the water level should also be above the plates.

A new set of batteries for your golf car will cost you about 450 distilled water is inexpensive. You can do 3 things wrong in watering batteries. Youll want to add water to 12 inch from the top of the battery.

Such batteries fail to work efficiently and will eventually die. A fully charged battery will have a concentration of sulfuric acid to water of 1280 while a discharged battery will test out at about 1145. The proper method recommended by most battery manufacturers is to add enough water so that the cell plates are completely submerged but not so much that the water is up to the battery case cell cap vents.

3 — Do Not Fill Cells to Overflowing. The golf cart is kept in a very cold area. Batteries tend to drain faster in cold temperatures.

The battery charger is at fault. Over the course of time a trickle charger on big batteries constantly running at 5 amps or higher will dry out the batteries as a pot of boiling water on the stove un-attended. Prior to charging there should be enough water to cover the plates.

Use impure water put in harmful chemicals. 3 Always use distilled water so you dont add additional minerals into your battery. It will hurt your batteries.

All three of these wrongs are equally bad for batteries. Water should always be added after fully charging the battery. The water level in the golf cart batteries is far below the desired level.

Just replace the port covers and inspect again in three months. So here is another rule. Check the water levels of the batteries and top up the ones with low water levels.

You can consider moving the cart or at least the batteries to a warmer area when the golf cart is not in use. Under water or no water b. On average this should cover a few miles.

You do not want to fill them if they are discharged as this could cause overfilling. HttpowlyEoUs50w8IMYToday on GCGTV Dave is showing us how to fill golf cart batteries with water. Link To The Battery Water Fill Bottle.

2 We recommend service once or twice a year. Draw electrolyte into the hydrometer several times to allow the thermometer to adjust to the temperature of electrolyte and. Before charging make sure there is just enough water to cover any exposed plates.

The last thing you want is for your cart to die before you can get. Sometimes you may have more water in your golf cart batteries than what is needed. We at Mikes Golf Carts provide you with the best golf cart sales and service.

When checking them make sure they are fully charged. While a battery should only be filled after it is completely charged you should check the water level before charging. Only good for small batteries like in a lawn mower or motorcycle as the amperage needs to be quite high as in 5 amps to do anything on a battery with a 100 plus Ah capacity Most golf cart batteries are 150-232Ah.

If you under water the plates are exposed to air and can sulfate. According to some studies there should be a gap of ¼ inch above the plates. Golf cart batteries need to be watered on a regular basis.

If this is the case it may not be worth the effort to fill the battery at this time. By regular basis I mean checking them AT LEAST once a month and then adding DISTILLED water if needed Do not use tap water. The normal fluid level is about 12 inch 1 cm above the tops of the plates or about 18 inch 3 mm below the bottoms of the filler tubes that extend down from the port openings.

After charging add enough water to bring the level to the bottom of the vent about ¾ below the top of the. The proper fill level according to battery manufacturers is approximately 14-inch below the fill well bottom. If you notice batteries starting to weaken after those first nine holes you need to check out your battery.

Use Only Distilled Water in Your Batteries. Water softeners leave chlorides in the water and they are very bad for batteries.

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