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Generally a matched set of irons will have a difference of 4 cpms for every half inch difference in the length of the shaft. I am 68 and have gone from using a stiff steel shaft in my irons to a light or senior graphite shaft in my irons and from a regular shaft in my driver hybrids and 3W to a light of senior shaft.

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Given the benefits Tour players see with a different shaft flex in their irons and wedges its certainly worth testing out the setup to see if its a fit for your game.

How important is shaft flex in irons. The flex in a golf shaft affects the distance accuracy and trajectory of your golf shot. As for understanding flex if you swing a stiff with no real issues then the lite shaft is flexing at the wrong time in your swing causing the ball to have an open face at impact or creating a lot of side spin. I recently went through a pro fitter using trackman and found that with the change for my swing speed tempo and other factors I increased.

The best way to choose shaft flex is to go through a club fitting. Indirectly yes it does and it is very important for other reasons too. 1Shaft flex is a very important variable in fitting.

Im now going to get hybrids and woods. But it does this only for golfers who possess a later to very late release of their wrist-cock angle on the downswing. What were the T300 Irons shafts is one question.

Fairway is a Stiff usually the driver matches that one. Not every golfer can or is willing to do that though. While other flex options are available most golfers choose between a stiff and a regular flex iron.

If you dont have the correct flex it can actually be detrimental to your golf swing and potentially hinder your ability to improve. Picking out the proper golf shaft is very important as it will impact several components of your golf swing. Because the shaft flex directly facilitates this power transfer your shaft choice can make or break your game.

Since the very first golf clubs club makers have considered how much or how little a golf shaft flexes. The flex of a shaft allows it to store energy from a players downswing and release it as the head makes contact for increased club speed at impact. Because the shaft flexes during a swing the position of the clubhead changes and it is important to select.

Our testers saw variations of as much as 22 yards of distance from one flex to another. For example if a 6 iron is at 300 cpms the 7 iron should be at 304 cpms. As the shaft flexes throughout the swing the position of the clubhead will change.

My driver Taylormade R9 has a regular flex shaft whereas i recently bought Ping i20 irons for which i was fitted for their stiff flex shafts which come as standard. According to MyGolfSpy weight and torque may be more important than shaft flex when it comes to the performance of your clubs. The wrong shaft can force you to negatively compensate your swing at impact and lead to developing poor.

Your flex is based on your clubhead speed or carry distance of a driver for wood. This means you need a shaft that will properly match your swing type and speed so that it can deliver the clubface back to a. SpeedCarry Guidelines for Driver.

For example picking the wrong golf shaft flex can cause you to hook or slice the golf ball. The more flexible the shaft is the easier it is to bend or flex the shaft during a swing. Shaft flex is a measure of stiffness or resistance to bending toward the target when comparing one shaft to another.

Getting the right flex is key to an optimal fit. The faster the shaft oscillates the stiffer the shaft is said to be. These are just general guidelines however.

What Is Flex In A Golf Shaft Flex in a golf club shaft is the ability for the shaft to bend during a swing. This is very important because the clubhead speed in your swing mostly comes from the club bending and then releasing creating a whip-like. Just curious of what shaft flex you older golfers use.

Shaft flex has a very pronounced effect on the power and accuracy of a driver. It also can hinder the total distance the ball flies by having too much spin or too low of launch. If your driver swing speed is approximately 110 mph or higher and your carry distance.

When selecting a golf shaft the most important thing to consider is the flex. The shaft is the engine of the golf club and selecting the right shaft flex is perhaps the most important aspect when choosing the right clubs for you. Keep in mind one very important thing about the shaft of your club and its flex.

The golf shaft provides the power that is transferred to the clubhead and ultimately to the golf ball. Im not that powerful so i think i would be borderline between regular and stiff. Whether you choose to buy online or from a retail store you should know exactly which.

Knowing your swing speed and carry distance can help you select the right shaft flex for your golf clubs. The FLEX and the BEND PROFILE of the shaft can contribute to the launch angle and spin rate of the shot. 2Fitting by guesswork and common knowledge does not work.

Selecting the right flex for your golf club shafts is key to getting the most out of your clubs. If you think about it the heavier a club is the harder it will be to swing. The five flex categories of shafts can help a golfer get the most out of his or her clubs.

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