How Long Do Ezgo Golf Cart Batteries Last

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There are various. Premium Battery with Desulfator.

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As it is given in the above section as well that it depends on various factors mainly the age of the battery.

How long do ezgo golf cart batteries last. Your batteries could last up to ten years note. With the range generally falling between 4 8 years. But when left idly in high temperatures for long periods of time such as in a hot garage in the summertime or when left unused for months it can really take a toll of the lifespan.

The 36 volt EZGO series golf carts average around 15 miles with good Trojan T-105 batteries. However this comes at a price. A set of six Trojan batteries will be priced around 750 a set compared to cheaper brands like Sams Club.

If you are the private owner of the cart you will probably be using your cart less than the average cart that is not owned privately. 8-10hrs for traditional Lead-Acid batteries They live longer 3x – 5x longer than traditional golf cart batteries. If it is a new one then it will take more.

The higher the price of these batteries Provide more loyal the quality. However lithium cells provide more exceeding service than lead series. Their average lifespan lasts anywhere between 7 to 9 years.

Lets first start with some general figures to estimate how long your golf cart batteries will last. They may last anywhere from months up to 5-7 years under the right circumstances. After that the battery has no more temper to serve a golf cart.

We often receive questions about the life of a golf cart battery and were here to give you the information you need to make the best decision for your golf cart usage and budget. That all being said properly maintained battery packs in fleet carts tend to last about 4-6 years while private owners tend to get about 6-10 years out of their battery packs. When a golf cart battery is at its peak it should easily be able to cover seven miles without needing to be recharged.

Golf cart batteries typically last anywhere from 4-10 years. On average this should cover a few miles. If you know nothing about golf carts dont think that you wont have a lot of maintenance and work done to get to.

If you notice batteries starting to weaken after those first nine holes you need to check out your battery. The average time of a battery is somewhere around 10 years and the most less time a battery can last is around 3 years. The biggest players in the golf cart industry have claimed that a golf cart could last about 30 years but that is with a few asterisks next to it and I will cover those in this post.

Many golf cart manufacturers are offering their carts from the factory with this battery technology that offers multiple benefits including. If you have other questions about purchasing a golf cart or would like to know more about the differences between battery and gas-powered models contact us online or call us at 919-552-9351 to speak with a member. The battery will likely last anywhere between 1 to 3 years.

This is not very common and as few as three if your cart is privately owned which implies that you will use your cart less than say the average cart on a popular public golf course. With proper maintenance the average life expectancy of a golf car battery is 6 years. A lead-acid battery should last somewhere between 500 and 1000 charging cycles.

The estimated time of 10 years is a steady estimate but it is not really constant. If you are wondering that how long do golf cart batteries last on one charge then know that it can go on for 90 minutes. Typically an electric golf cart with new batteries will go anywhere between 25 to 40 miles depending on the battery configuration the model and voltage of the cart.

Golf carts are powered by either a 4-stroke internal combustion engine or a 36V or 48v electric AC or DC motor. Incredibly fast 2-3 hour charge up times vs. The same is NOT the case with lithium-ion batteries.

Wrap Up of How Long Do Golf Cart Batteries Last. If all these factors are taken into consideration then there is no doubt the golf carts battery will last for at. Traditional golf cart batteries require numerous amounts of maintenance for enhancing their shelf life.

As we discussed above the battery life depends upon various influences such as quality charging maintenance and many others. Unlike the traditional lead-acid golf cart batteries which have an average of 500 charge cycles a lithium-ion battery has the ability to reach a peak of 5000 charge cycles. This is for the case of electrical golf cart batteries that run for this duration of time when they are fully charged.

Thats quite the range. No game of golf should be interrupted by a dying battery. How long do golf cart batteries last.

The quality of the battery climate usage and maintenance all play a huge factor in battery life. After reading this blog you might have got a fair idea of the golf carts battery and its life. Put another way a lithium-ion battery should last between 2000 and 5000 charging cycles.

According to a questionnaire most golfers have been using a cart battery for 4-6 years. Other major factors include the type of options on the cart that may increase the draw from the battery pack. Here is a chart with the average life expectancy of golf cart batteries.

There are many factors when estimating how long golf cart batteries last. The use of a good battery desulfator will greatly improve battery life as well.

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