How Many Amp Hours Do I Need For My Golf Cart

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Golf Cart motors can be 36 volt but are 8 to 9 horsepower. If you left the light on for 24 hours it will draw 24 amp hours.

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For instance at C5 a battery might safely provide 268 amp hours.

How many amp hours do i need for my golf cart. Lead golf cart batteries require 6 8 hours for a full charge from 50 discharged. Well-Maintained gas carts will require refitting somewhere between 5000 to 6000 hours and a similarly well-maintained electric cart should provide you with between 40000 and 50000 carefree amp-hours of use. Most modern golf carts are fitted with some form of indication of the cart in the form of an amp-hour meter for electric carts or hour meter on gas carts.

Golf Cart Battery Load Testing Results Explained. A lead-acid battery should last somewhere between 500 and 1000 charging cycles. Quick Golf Cart Battery Capacity Guide Average 6 volt golf cart batteries are 210-225Ah Average 8 volt golf cart batteries are 165-170Ah and.

You might have to convert from watts first. A common mistake is assuming that a battery with a 200 amp-hour rating will provide 200 Ah at all discharge rates. Using a lithium rated golf cart charger will expedite battery charging to 2-3 hours.

Hi Tom – You are right. A 48-volt system of 412 volts can deliver approximately 600 amps. In theory you can calculate the run-time for any of your batterys accessories by dividing the amp-hour rating of the battery by the amp draw of the accessory.

Battery capacity is measured in AHs. Wpedia While charging you need to drive it at about 135 to 14 volts to make the current flow in. Ok if the current drawn is x amps the time is T hours then the capacity C in amp-hours is.

Thats quite the range. At that point the battery will be nearly depleated to 106 volts. The 200 ah batteries will over-discharge and die young.

The replace one or replace all argument Now you may have noticed there seems to be a contradiction above. Can you interchange golf cart batteries with different amp hour ratings. Average 12 volt golf cart batteries are 150Ah.

Assuming we have 100AH of available charge in our RV batteries we could run those 6 lights for just over 33 hours before emptying the batteries tank 6 x 333 x5 100. A battery rated at 180 amp-hours over 6 hours might be rated at 220 AH at the 20-hour rate and 260 AH at the 48-hour rate. The C rating tells you how many amp hours the battery can provide for a very specific period of time.

Expensive way to. But my company thinks its no big deal based on price. Other than that a tune up and oil change every 300 hours or once a year approx.

Both systems deliver the same voltage so their speed and acceleration will be similar. Meanwhile the same battery may safely provide 36 amp hours for a period of 100 hours. Using this calculation 24 amp hours X 9 216 amp hours we conclude that this single bulb would stay lit for about 9 days on a fully charged 220 amp hour battery bank.

Note lead acid battery chargers can be used but rapid re-charging will not occur. 6 LED lightbulbs for 1 hour will also use 3 Amp Hours 6 x 1 x5 3. Buying a Used Golf Cart.

A 200 amp-hour golf cart battery might need a few days to fully charge that way. A 100ah battery should provide 1 amp for 100 hours 2 amps for 50 hours 3 amps for 33 hours etc. Much of this loss of efficiency is due to higher internal resistance at higher amperage rates – internal resistance is not a constant – kind of like the more you push the more it pushes back.

4 batteries are rated at 225ah and the other 2 are rated at 200ah. You will need at least 100AH of useable battery. An annual inspection on your golf car is much the same as going to your Dentist.

If your RV lights use 4A 12v and you leave them on for 2 hours 428AH you will have used 8AH from your 12v battery. Put another way a lithium-ion battery should last between 2000 and 5000 charging cycles. The engineers decide they actually now need 2000 amp hours so all they need to do is add another identical row wired in parallel to achieve their goal.

As you can see from the chart above the GC Golf Cart batteries and some AGM batteries can let you use more of the capacity. C amp hours 012 Amps 24 hours 288 amp hours keep going not done calculating yet Step 2. I think they are just tossing away money trying to save a buck.

I feel they should be all the same. Tune-upsMaintenance Tune-ups for both Gas Electric are an important annual function. I am not sure where all this is taking me but I know that if I keep asking questions I will get it.

This alone can increase the range of a golf cart from about 12 miles to about 35 miles. A fully charged 12 volt lead-acid battery is about 126 volts. On Northern Tools website they list a Leeson 12volt motor that draws 58 amps on a full.

Golf cart batteries typically last anywhere from 4-10 years. For example if your pump is drawing 120 mA and you want it to run for 24 hours. For instance if you want to know how long you can bang a 1000-watt stereo system on a heavy-duty 100-amp-hour battery start by dividing the wattage by the voltage — 12 volts in this case.

Using 1 LED lightbulb for 6 hours will use 3 Amp Hours 1 x 05 x 6 3. 6 volt battery will need to maintain 5 volts for 15 seconds at the advertised 20hr Ah rating. Yet a 48-volt system of 86 volts can deliver 1800 amps.

This means that is supplies 268 amps in the duration of 5 hours without dropping off. Value 30 check the belts for wear grease the front end and check transmission level. My golf cart runs for 10 or more hours on six 6 volt batteries and three 40 watt 12 volt panels.

We recommend the AGM style Absorbed Glass Mat as the best for any Recreational Vehicle but you can research this more if you want. This means that the battery will provide 10 amps of current for 20 hours until the battery is fully discharged or spent.

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