How Many Amps Is A 6 Volt Golf Cart Battery

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It is important to know that golf cart batteries come in three voltages. Our Trojan T105 Batteries are 6V Golf Cart batteries which I bought and then wired in series essentially creating 1 big 12-volt battery.

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Youll want to avoid purchasing a charger with low amperage 2-5 amps as it will take forever to charge your batteries.

How many amps is a 6 volt golf cart battery. The battery can easily be found for about 150. 6 8-volt batteries may only get you 19 miles. Count the number of holes on the battery then multiply that number by 2 to know its golf cart battery voltage.

It consists of 20 amps for 1 second followed by 01 amps for the rest of the hour. Amp hours are heavy and deep-cyclable electrode plates are heavy. Golf Cart Battery Six volt heavy-duty batteries like golf carts etc differ.

How Much Are Golf Cart. To determine your golf cart voltage check the battery compartment below your golf cart seat. Introduction Your 6-volt deep cycle battery set has been specially formulated for long cycle life and has particular voltage and specific gravity characteristics.

Note that to use 6V batteries you must have an even number of batteries. This is for a 6-volt battery If you get a lower reading like 41 volts it indicates that at least one of the. For a 36 volt battery charger 21 amps is standard.

Over the course of time a trickle charger on big batteries constantly running at 5 amps or higher will dry out the batteries as a pot of boiling water on the stove un-attended. Be prepared to use your golf cart charger frequently to stay powered. The battery charging set points specified in this guide are for these batteries only and should not be assumed appropriate for other batteries.

This means about 108 ampere-hours of charge. Check if the voltage of each battery is a little above 6 volts such as 61 to 63 volts. Both systems deliver the same voltage so their speed and acceleration will be similar.

How to Determine Golf Cart Voltage 36V or 48V 1 Lift up your golf cart seat to locate the battery compartment. The average just discharge rate is around 75 amperes and if the cart is used for 36 holes pedal-down time of around 70 minutes approximately 90 ampere-hours will be removed from the battery. Use the multimeter across the battery posts of each golf cart battery individually.

Quick Golf Cart Battery Capacity Guide Average 6 volt golf cart batteries are 210-225Ah Average 8 volt golf cart batteries are 165-170Ah and Average 12 volt golf cart batteries are 150Ah. When we started doing more boondocking I upgrade to two 6 volt golf cart batteries for a total fo 210 Amp Hours. After realizing the limitations of having only 210 Ah I expanded our battery bank to 450 Ah of AGM batteries and have since upgraded again to 400 Ah of lithium batteries.

Yet a 48-volt system of 86 volts can deliver 1800 amps. How to Change Six 6 Volt Batteries to Three 12 Volt Batteries. Trojan T-105 The Trojan T-105 just like Costcos offering is a 6-volt golf cart battery but at 225 amp-hours sees just a bit more capacity.

Their heavy plates and other construction features allow periodic equalizing. The 6 volt golf cart batteries and 8 golf cart batteries usually have a 36 volt or 48 volt electrical drive system. On Northern Tools website they list a Leeson 12volt motor that draws 58 amps on a full load.

You cant wire 3 or 5 of these together and get the necessary 12-Volts. However keep in mind that when you do this replacement your golf cart may not run as much time as it did with the 6 volts batteries. It is far easier to discharge a battery than to recharge it.

To recharge the batteries will require 90 ampere-hours 20 to make up for any charge deficiency. Only good for small batteries like in a lawn mower or motorcycle as the amperage needs to be quite high as in 5 amps to do anything on a battery with a 100 plus Ah capacity Most golf cart batteries are 150-232Ah. The last step would be to multiply the golf cart batter voltage by the.

The average current would be calculated as follows. That would draw down my batteries far too fast. I recommend the same 5 amp charge rate for three to six hours until voltage reaches a maximum of 165 every six months or so.

My golf cart runs for 10 or more hours on six 6 volt batteries and three 40 watt 12 volt panels. An electric golf cart will have either 4 6 or 8 golf cart batteries and will have either a 36 volt or 48 volt electrical drive system. 4 12-volt batteries should only get you about 12 miles.

For example if your golf cart requires 48V of power you can use 6 8 volt batteries or 4 12 volt batteries. 6V 8V and 12V V stands for Volts. This alone can increase the range of a golf cart from about 12 miles to about 35 miles.

Both the charge and. Since the amp hours in an 8 volt golf cart battery are about the same as their 6 volt counterparts although see next item on the list this can only mean that the electrode plates are somewhat less sturdywhich means you cant charge and discharge them as many. I am not sure where all this is taking me but I know that if I keep asking questions I will get it.

Disadvantages of 8 volt golf cart battery. Yes a 36 volt golf cart that uses the original six 6 volt batteries can be replaced with three 12 volt batteries. You may not get a lot of mileage out of your golf carts batteries on a single charge.

Consider a repetitive cycle where each cycle is 1 hour. With that said f or a 48 volt golf cart 13 amps has been found to be the right balance between charging speed and long-term battery stress. There is no need to disconnect one battery from the other.

The cart will also not be able to cover all 18 holes of a golf course. 6 6-volt batteries get you roughly 22 miles. Often you will need to use multiple 6V batteries to meet the golf carts 36V power requirement.

2013600 01 35993600 01044 amps average current. A 48-volt system of 412 volts can deliver approximately 600 amps.

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