How Should Golf Clubs Be Arranged In Your Bag

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Of course each club comes at a different length. My new bag Adidas Clutch will be here Friday and since it only has a 6-way top compared to my current crappy bags 10-way top Ive been trying to decide how Im going to arrange everything and heres what Ive decided on.

3 Easy Ways To Arrange Clubs In A Golf Bag Wikihow

Many times you might grab a 7-iron and decide you dont need it and put it back in the bag quickly before taking another club.

How should golf clubs be arranged in your bag. HERE IS HOW I ARRANGE MINE. Generally a golf bag has three sections. Because you will be approaching and looking at your bag from a different angle you should place the shorter clubs in the front and the longer clubs in the back.

When getting your golf bag in order youll want to go from longest to shortest clubs. However thats not the case. Middle Irons Short Clubs.

To carry a golf bag with one strap you should use your dominant shoulder because it will most likely have much more stamina. Please sign in to comment. Place all of your woods in the back areas of your golf bag.

Keeping the back section of your golf bag organized makes it easier for the front of your bag to be duly organized. Matty E Joshua TX. Organize your golf clubs.

Create enough space for each of the clubs to fit perfectly. If you like to ride in a cart while golfing you will basically organize the clubs the opposite way of a walking bag. May 03 2017 at 0109 PM.

Like to see pictures or a description of how you arrange your clubs in your bag especially if you have a 6 way staff bag. Organizing golf clubs in a bag is more important than most players realize and it should be in order from shortest to longest club. Luke R Hamden CT.

I start on the back side of the golf bag where the shoulder strap is. There is a spot for each club in the bag and a way to organize it correctly. Im pretty anal about where my clubs go in my bag.

As a rule of thumb the clubs should be arranged from the left to the right and should be placed in a way that no group of clubs is obstructing the other. You are allowed fourteen clubs in the bag none of the clubs are the exact same length. Re-organize your bag at the end of every round in case clubs have been put in the wrong section as your round of golf progressed.

3 5 woods. Place your 7-iron 8-iron 9-iron in the bottom compartment. Therefore how you arrange them determines how perfectly they fit.

May 03 2017 at 1258 PM. Also you should have your clubs arranged in a way that will evenly disperse and make the bag evenly weighted. And if you have sand wedge golf club and pitching golf club place them in this compartment too.

Wedges in the bottom irons arranged from 9-2 going from right to left. Driver and Putter MiddleTopLeft. One slot should only fit one club.

Irons ranging from 1 to 3 should stay in the back to prevent confusion with the smaller clubs. Generally golfers will arrange golf clubs in their bags that fits their own needs. Many golfers think its good enough just to throw their clubs in the bag and start their round of golf.

Please sign in to comment. However if it is not there you can place the same in any row. Hybrids and Low Irons Go to the Middle Section.

The bottom compartment is a perfect place to carry your longer clubs. Arranging clubs correctly in your golf bag will give you easy access to your equipment and show your playing partners that you know how your bag should look when you begin your round. It is always overlooked but even a small uneven weight can cause problems over time.

Like earlier stated you will need just 14 clubs in the bag. The smaller clubs including the wedges should be placed in the front portion of the bag. Since it is smaller in length ensure to place it on the right side of the bag.

The way I see it if you can grab the club that you want within one or two seconds thats perfect. Usually there are at least three and as many as fourteen spaces or slots for you to put your clubs. Put everything back in its place when your round ends so everything is correct when you start your next round.

If there is a separate place for putter in your bag there is not a problem.

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