How To Adjust Governor On G2 Golf Cart

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Step 2 Loosen the adjusting locknut on the end of the governor spring. In some cases the adjustment can be done by turning the cable nut that connects the cable to.

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It will only take about 5 minutes to do it.

How to adjust governor on g2 golf cart. Reply to Jiveys Post. Tighten the bolt and connect the cable once again. This governor can be adjusted by adjusting the cable nut which holds the cable to the throttle lever.

You can find the governor by tracing the thickest cable running from the gas pedal. The G2 golf buggy Im driving has the governor 10mm nut wound all the way up. The first option to making your cart faster is to replace the electronic speed control.

This will enable more voltage to pass to the motor producing the desired result. The valves can be adjusted using a flat screwdriver a feeler gauge and a 10mm wrench. How to adjust the governor on 2014 Yamaha G29 Golf cart.

Most golf carts are limited in their speed from t. Run the cable on the gas pedal to the carburetor and reattach it at the original position of the governor cable. Locate the golf carts governor.

The action of the throttle cable attached to the governor arm is dampened by an adjustable governor spring mounted on a bracket adjacent to the governor arm. Some accelerator cables have a wire which slides through the throttle plate and held in place with a cable nut in which case you loosen the nut press the throttle plate closed and re tighten If there is a cable spring be sure it is compressed against the plate in this process. The throttle cable adjustment can be done below the floor panel so that the engine gets started before the carburetor opens.

Rest the linkage against the idle position and adjust the governor until its at the idle setting. Adjust the gas pedal according to your needs. If the governor bracket is misaligned that may need an adjustment as well.

Back out the throttle stop screw so that the butterfly isnt open too much. For the cable adjustment remove the cable and loosen the bolt connecting the linkage to the carburetor. Locate the cable nut that holds the cable to the throttle lever for a clutch cable governor.

Use a screwdriver to turn the bolts holding the governor clockwise to increase the speed. Tighten the nut that is at the end of the lever above the transaxle as much as possible. Do a valve clearance adjustment starting with the cold valve.

The bad news is there is no governor on an electric golf cart but the good news is there are several options to quench your need for speed. The needed adjustment to remedy golf cart backfiring will vary between manufacturers and year models. If you do this to an E-Z-GO golf cart you might be able to go from 15 mph 24 kmh to 22 mph 35 kmh.

Adjusting the governor can make your golf cart go 510 mph 80161 kmh faster. Barry at DIY Golf Cart shows you how to properly adjust the governor on a Yamaha G29 Drive gas golf cart. Be sure to.

Adjust the main cable nut holding it in place with the screwdriver. Yamaha G2 throttle cable adjustment. Sometimes its the throttle cable that causes the excess opening.

Adjust the idle jet pilot screw on the carburetor. This cable runs through the governor on its way to the carburetor. Turning the nut counter-clockwise will make the cable longer allowing the cart to go faster.

I am running all the gearing the engine can handle due to the larger diameter wheels and tiresI still dont know how to adjust the governer to increase engine speed to 48-5000 RPMJivey I saw your querry at buggies unlimited I am a regular there but thanks for trying. This is not an answerthe only speed limiter on a yamaha gas golf cart is the governer. Unfortunately this upgrade is not.

By mechanically pulling the throttle lever back you decrease the gas flow to the engine and control the golf carts speed. This can be done by doing a 14 turn of the screw. Start by locating and detaching the carburetor from the governor.

Link to part on our website. Locate the governor arm mounted on top of the rear axle case underneath the cart. The governor on a golf cart can be adjusted easily by loosening the tension on its springs using a wrench or screwdriver to get the golf cart going at a relatively faster speed.

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