How To Change A Golf Cart Tire

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GOLF CART FITMENT All Terrain Tires. Sometimes your club car will have come with a jack.

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You can check your tread by placing a penny in the groove of your tire to see how much tread you have left.

How to change a golf cart tire. Force the tire down on the rim past the lip. Well create the following hypothetical golf cart for the purpose. You should be able to push the first half of the tire on with your hands.

To demonstrate the mechanics involved lets take an example of a golf cart with somewhat typical characteristics and play with the numbers. If not you can buy one from a repair shop or hardware store. Most non-lifted stock EZ-GOs can fit up to a 20 tall all terrain tire 20×10-10 20×10-12 without rubbing if there is no added weight on the back of the cart flip seat cargo box etc.

Remove the lug nuts holding the wheel on to the body using a 34-inch socket wrench. Club Car Golf Carts. Use a jack to lift the cart so the damaged tire is completely off of the ground.

With the help of the floor jack raise the golf cart so that the tire is slightly suspended. Remove the lug nuts and be sure to keep them safe. Make sure that the golf cart is on level ground before changing the tire.

Remove the tire and replace it with a new one. Important safety steps when jacking up a golf cart Remember. So what really happens when you change the tire size on your golf cart.

Take the wheel off of the cart. Steps for changing golf cart tires. Using the tire tool loosen the lug nuts.

Place the floor jack underneath the frame of the golf cart in proximity of the tire you need to change. For most go kart ATV and golf carts low pressure tires should be inflated from four to ten PSI. Put on the New Tire Replace the Lug Nuts – Keep them Loose Lower the Jack Tighten the Lug Nuts I lowered the jack some – just enough so that there is a little pressure on the golf cart tire -.

Golf Cart Tires and Their Sizing. A golf cart needs to be jacked up at times when the tires need replacing or if there is a flat tire. Replacement tire or fixed tire.

Our hypothetical cart has a wheel size of 18 x 85 x 8. Raise the golf cart. Slide the small floor jack under the chassis of the golf cart on the side.

Since there are thousand of golf cart tires to. Replace your tires when your tread is worn. Shows how to change a tire from tools required bead breaking removal valve stem replacement mounting new tires seating the bead and finally inflation.

The first tool you need to change a tyre is a floor jack. Also look for irregular swelling or bumps. Always use caution when working around a golf car or any other vehicle as these are heavy objects which could cause injury if not lifted correctly.

I realize not everyone knows how to change a tire. Inflate the Tire After you have the tire bead seated on both sides of the rim simply reinstall the valve core and inflate the tire. If your going to be in the maintenance industry this video is a necessity.

Low profile golf cart tires are generally thinner and made to fit any golf cart that IS NOT lifted no lift kit is installed on the golf cart to make it higher off the ground. Set the replacement tire on the wheel hub. Wedge material against the other tires not the one that is being changed to prevent the golf cart from rolling.

You have found the very best place online to buy them. The 18 means that the tire is 18. Remove any nails screws or other sharp objects embedded in the air-filled tire.

Looking for new golf cart tires to replace the worn out ones on your cart. Turn off the engine and put the parking brake on. A low profile tire can be purchased in several different sizes 8 10 12 14.

What does that mean. Golf cart tires on our site come in diameters height from ground to top of tire ranging from 18 tall to 23 tall for both aluminum and steel golf cart wheels sized 8 through 14. Now remove the lug nuts and the tire completely.

Changing a custom golf cart tire on a No-Mar scratch-proof motorcycle tire changer. Raise the golf cart so that the flat tire is barely off the ground. Make sure that the jack can fit under the cart.

You will be s. Any taller tires 22×11-10 23×105-12 etc will require a golf cart lift kit. All Club Car EZ-GO and Yamaha golf carts will accept 8 10 12 and 14 inch low-profile tires without a lift kit.

Wet the new tire and place it on top of the wheel rim slightly lopsided. Nuts are prone to rolling off under the cart in difficult to reach places. Carefully use a tire iron for leverage to pry the remaining portion of the tire into position.

Step 2 Remove the lug nuts using the proper socket size. Make sure you read the side-wall of the tire for PSI inflation settings.

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