How To Change Loft On Driver

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Loft lie and face angle can all be affected by the simple twist of a wrench on your new adjustable driver and if youre not taking advantage of this feature youre missing outAdmittedly. Wrong loft sounds like a perfect excuse to buy a new driver.

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Long Drive competitors have drivers that have only 4 to 75 degrees of loft.

How to change loft on driver. Some golfers will feel a significant difference with very slight changes. Ultimately the spin rate of your ball must be taken into account. Like any technology there are two sides to the coin.

Almost every manufacturer now offers drivers and other clubs that allow you to change the loft or move around the center of gravity with weights. This is because at higher ball speeds there is considerably more lift created which allows the ball to climb rapidly after impact. Lets assume for.

This video I test a 75 degree loft against a 115 degree and take a close look at how the ball flight changes using launch monitorSee how an online Golf Le. If you want to really smash your driver a long way reducing spin loft will help. If a golfer buys an adjustable driver and randomly changes the settings based on a few hunches will that help them.

Adjust the loft by loosening the screw in the heel with the wrench rotating the club head to the desired position and tightening the screw. While most of you reading this are already holding your driver loft-changing tool in your hands ready. However if you decide to change the face angle on your new driver open or closed that also has an impact on measured loft and not in the way.

Because todays drivers launch with much less spin even players who swing fast use more loft. Thats not very impressive even if its happening. And if thats a problem – convincing the wife perhaps that a new driver is needed – you can always instruct someone to bend it several degrees and see what happens.

Why Reducing Loft Wont Work. If you hit up on the ball it comes off higher and requires less loft. The shaft stiffness and torque should be the same for the club comparison to ensure you are properly comparing the drivers.

A change in face angle comes from the fact that when you change loft angle you also change the ground contact point on the sole. When you add loft the ground contact point shifts back and when the driver is soled the face angle closes please note the face angle only changes if you sole the driver. In general the slower the swing or club speed the higher the loft of the driver to optimize both carry and roll.

But Wishon would never say that nothing is changed. Best Distance Driver Loft. Each click of the 4 Loft Sleeve movements increases or decreases loft 05 075 Each click of the 4 Loft Sleeve movements increases or decreases lie.

And by the way you can skip the entire issue of hosel adjustment entirely and pretend that Stickney is writing about drivers of different lofts that arent adjustable at all. Decreased Spin Loft. If you hit down on the ball it comes off the face lower and requires more driver loft.

The average driver clubhead speed on the PGA Tour is 113 MPH and 94 MPH on the LPGA Tour with even faster ball speed which indicates that they will require less loft typically a 95 degree loft for their driver especially the longest hitters on tour. But thats the benefit of going through a quality driver fitting with an experienced fitter and a launch monitor. He was simply pointing out that when a driver head is a solid cast geometric thing you dont change loft alone by moving the shaft angle via the hosel.

When players change balls and gain yardage it is because the spin rate. Also with an adjustable. The 4 Loft Sleeve allows you to adjust the loft lie and face angle of the M6 driver.

Most drivers come in degrees of loft from 85 to 16. Jason Day who has a swing speed of 120 miles per hour uses a 105-degree driver Yes launching. Golf Club Loft.

And put me squarely in the camp of those that believe that the loft is NOT changing. The ground contact point moves forward and the. The loft difference between two irons in your set is 4 or 5 degrees so with a driver youd be talking about a change equal to 25 or less of the loft difference between an 8 iron and a 9 iron.

The opposite happens when you decrease loft. Compare the feel of drivers within the loft range that fits your club head speed at the practice facility at your local golf equipment store or pro shop. When it comes back broken youll have no choice but to buy a new driver.

Driver loft helps determine this angle but so does your angle of attack when you swing. The cause and effect of a change in loft can be clear. Or can it hinder their performance.

By reducing the spin-loft angle we can increase ball speed smash factor and reduce spin rate potentially AWESOME for longer drives. In this article Ill explore a few.

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