How To Change Swing Weight On A Golf Club

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Attaching lead tape or removing material from the club head using a different weight. In simple terms swing weight is how heavy the club head feels when you swing it.

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So if you add weight to a golf clubs grip the clubs actual weight increases but its swingweight decreases.

How to change swing weight on a golf club. Some shaft have tip or butt weight balance point that can not be applied on this rules. Most amateur golfers will be comfortable with a neutral swing. Again test your club after adding weight to determine if enough weight has been added or if too much has been added.

Adding or subtracting weight to the club anywhere except at the fulcrum point changes a clubs swing weight. For example if you have a D3 swing weight driver at 455 in length and cut it down to 45 that same driver is now a D0 swing weight. Swingweight measurements are expressed with a letter ranging from A on the low end to G plus a number from 0 through 9 with 9 denoting a greater swingweight than 0.

When a club is back-weighted it feels more stable in the hands and moves more comfortably through the change of direction during the swing. Without increasing the total weight of the club. A 1 point increase in swing-weight points would be the equivalent of going from D1 to D2 while a 1 point decrease in swing-weight points would be the equivalent of going from D2-D1.

Peel them off or add them back to get the best club head feel possible. If the club is too light in the grip it is easy for the clubhead to leverage the hands out-of-plane if the swing is not in perfect timing. The swing weight of a golf club specifies how heavy the club feels to a player swinging it based on weight distribution.

Add weight to the heel area of the club to enhance a draw or to reduce fading. So adding weight at either end with lead tape weights extending or cutting the shaft all effects swing weight. A golf clubs swingweight can be changed by altering the club head shaft grip or length of the golf club.

Adding tape to the heel of the club will enhance a draw or reduce a fade. After a few rounds you will have adjusted to the new feel of the heavierlarger grip. Lead tape is most commonly attached to.

More technically its how much the club tips towards the club head when you balance the club on a fulcrum. You will probably want to peel these off one or two at a time since eight strips is about 2 oz. Tip weighting is another method for adding swing-weight points to your golf clubs.

You would actually want to add weight to the club head if you are shortening the shaft. Press the first strip in place firmly and add the rest lightly. If the grip is heavier the SW scale will show a lighter SW.

Or you can reduce the grip weight by 4-5 grams. Most often used in irons and wedges tip weighting is a great way to add swing-weight points without visibly changing the look of the club unlike the unprofessional look of lead tape. Remember this is just a ball park figure for normal most case.

Cutting the shaft 5 inches is going to reduce the swing weight by about 2-3 points. Brass or Lead tip weights I prefer brass because they have size specifications unlike the lead ones in the. So not only can it help fix a common miss or change shot shape the added weight can in theory help you hit the ball further and straighter.

All this will do is to further add heft to the club and this is usually a bad thing to do. However you do not want to add weight to the head to compensate. Another way to think of this is with more weight in the head the swing weight increases and with more weight in the handle the swing weight decreases.

Once the club fitter determines a shaft with suitable weight and the best flexbend profile characteristics for the golfers swing characteristics the matter of fitting for the swing weight is done by having the golfer hit shots with a test club while adding lead tape to the club head. Swing weights range from A0 at the lightest to G10 at the. Using a lighter shaft allows more weight to be placed in the clubhead through adjustable weights hotmelt etc.

Weight Adjustment Guidelines Useful reference Here are some useful conversions that will help you when swing-weighting your clubs. Shot shape on-center hit results and certainly the feedback from the golfer are then assessed. This redistribution of shaft weight into the clubhead can be one of the last tweaks in a fitting that unlocks more distance off the tee.

Having extra weight in the grip also helps to launch the club with greater speed at the point of wrist release. But you cant go around a golf course doing this all day Hogan says so you need to lengthen the swing somewhere Once youre comfortable with the starting motion it becomes time. Applying lead tape to your driver can help you fix your.

If you have the red 9g weight in your driver now you would want to put in the blue 11g or maybe even the black 14g weight. 12 3 swing weight points 2 gr club head weight 1 swing weight point 5 gr grip 1 swing weight point 9 gr shaft weight differences 1 swing. A golfer can manipulate either end of the golf club to adjust his swingweight.

Place strips of lead tape on your clubhead. Depending on the width of the roll a 1-inch-long strip of lead tape will add about 1 gram of weight to the club. Changing the length of the club swapping out the grip or replacing the shaft can all change the swing weight.

Swing weight is measured on a swing weight scale and is referenced with an alphanumeric code. And that is a lot of weight. Lead tape can be applied in a multitude of ways to a golf club and its function is to increase the swing weight of the club as a 1-inch strip of lead tape typically weighs about 1 gram.

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