Is It Worth Getting Fitted For Golf Clubs

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But before we dive into some in-depth lecture to broach the subject our answer is easy. Do lessons need to be taken before you go through a golf club fitting.

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However it might help you start hitting some shots a little more solidly and all of a sudden youve got a little pep in your step and you feel confident knowing your clubs are custom made for your game.

Is it worth getting fitted for golf clubs. Too many golfers want to get fitted for new clubs because thats what the salesman or club pro told. At the highest level of amateur golf and non-PGA Tour professional golf I am still amazed to see the number of players whom have worn out wedges faulty lie angles certain clubs players must work around in order to hit well and drivers that flat out dont fit. They can help provide more consistency greater distance and superior accuracy.

Weve heard the counterarguments. But just by finding the right loft they came plummeting down. But very often a session for some new custom-fitted golf clubs starts with the fitter asking you what your handicap is and what current irons you play.

Especially considering Im a stinky golfer. Golf ball fitting and golf club fitting are absolutely intertwined. Custom fitted golf clubs are like golf attire a personal choice that works for some golfers.

For example by having a driver that is fit to your swing you can optimize ball flight which will not only lead to distance gains but also improved accuracy. Just look at the gains Mike and Frank got from getting re-fit for the new Titleist TS2TS3 drivers over their previous-gen and also custom fit 917s. And the answer is absolutely yes its worth getting fit for clubs you already have.

I mean Im getting a relatively large break on the cost of all of this but its still not going to be cheap. In fact the length loft and lie of ones clubs may be more important than what theyre made of. Yes you get to hit the latest clubs from the top equipment manufacturers.

Dan Sueltz of DLance Golf said the fitter should always be your first resource and your last confirmation that the change is right for you. Get fit once and use those specs for life. Some argue in fact that it is more important for less-skilled golfers who have less of an ability to make the necessary compensations for poorly fitted clubs.

That means considering new shafts as much as shifting. Club fitting can only help you get better no matter where youre at with your game. My driver spin rates were far too high.

Fitted golf clubs are worth the money for those who are serious about improving their golf game. But that thinking is. What that often does is it gives the fitter a pre-conceived idea on how the fitting is going to go.

This is your chance to have clubs that are made just for you dont miss it over the sake of a few more bucks. Millions of golfers are discovering the benefits of clubs that match their personal dimensions. Then you get to hit all new clubs.

Custom fitted golf clubs are potentially for everyone. However if youre a recreational golfer who only gets out for a few rounds each year youre better off saving the money and not getting custom fitted golf clubs. Its one of the common chicken-or-egg type questions we hear at GOLFTEC.

By getting fit for your clubs you can make the game easier said PGA Professional Tyrus York of the High Performance Golf Academy in Lexington Kentucky. Even if the fitting session costs you money and this isnt taken off of the cost of the clubclubs you buy it will almost certainly be worth the price. So it is arguable that is more important for the average golfer to get custom fitted clubs.

Playing better golf is a complete package. What I learned during the fitting itself was that finding a club that you are comfortable enough to go out and play on course is key it is just as vital that the club feels and looks good to you as it is that it performs well. Many amateur golfers of varying skill levels stunt the improvement of their games by believing theyre not good enough to get a club fitting.

This is a great question because it addresses something many people dont think about. Based on the fitters analysis of your swing the data from the launch monitors and our own club fitting software TECFIT the fitter will change out heads and shafts and adjust weights to dial in the perfect. Is a nice set of custom-fit clubs that much better than a nice set of off-the-shelf clubs.

When analysing launch monitor results you will get very precise spins rates and launch angles exactly like you will experience on the golf course Why Getting Fit Once Is Not Enough. They say that once their golf game starts to. One myth about clubfitting is that its like buying a tailored suit.

Indeed weve repeatedly emphasized the value of getting custom fit here on Golficity when youre looking to purchase new clubs because truthfully theres really no reason why not to get custom fit. Its something to think about. Is it worth it to do this at all.

I should wait until Im better a. Golf clubfitting is all the rage and its more than a fad. If you go and get fitted for clubs tomorrow you wont magically drop from a 95 to an 85.

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