Should High Handicappers Use A Lob Wedge

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The lob wedge has the highest loft usually between 60 and 64 degrees. Your pitching wedge will most likely come with your iron set and then your sand wedge SW and lob wedge LW will be bought separately.

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Choosing a wedge and shaft with the right loft bounce and grind can help golfers of.

Should high handicappers use a lob wedge. A Types of Wedges. For me the detail that gives this wedge an edge over the competition is that it has a hollow cavity back. I think 57-58 is too much because I can see the loft on the wedge watching most people hit.

It is the exhaustive research and hard-hitting data that makes this article so good. The lob wedge should. Sorry great-looking wedges can help high handicap golfers hit more greens and play more rounds of golf.

One pitching wedge one sand wedge and a lob wedge. However some other high handicappers find that the lob wedge is harder to use and fail to get clean and impressive shots with it. So in your estimation you have seen a lot of high handicappers that are not good with high lofted wedges.

If youre just learning to play golf yes. Sand wedges are typically 54 or 56 degrees while lob wedges are normally 58 or 60 degrees in loft. With its comfort level the lob wedge is also suited for use out of bunkers.

Ill save everyone else some time. Newbs and higher high handicaps should stick to the pitching wedge from their iron set and a sand wedge 54 to 56 with 10 or more of bounce. High handicappers who have difficulty playing from tight or bare lies and who have a propensity for taking large divots should consider carrying a lob wedge in their bags.

I dont care if youre hitting a one hop and stop pitch or a high soft lob keep your shaft leaning forward and hands ahead of the ball at impact and youll hit 90 of them just fine. Typically a golfer will not use a lob wedge for full-swing shots although some low-handicap players have the skill for this shot. Cleveland CBX 2 Wedge This wedge sits perfectly in a set of game improvement irons and is perfect for a high handicapper who wants a forgiving wedge in their bag.

Dave Pelz the shortgame guru suggests carrying as many wedges as possible and recommends four or five. The four common types of golf wedges. Keep your hands ahead of the ball at impact and you can hit a lob wedge just as effectively as a 4 iron.

The new wedges are a unique combination of aesthetics and performance. It is my opinion that high handicap golfers with a pitching wedge and a sand wedge will have everything they need and can add more wedges as they improve. Advanced golfers sometimes replace their gap wedge with a lob wedge while others carry four wedges.

Ultimately nothing is stopping a high handicapper from using a lob wedge if they desire to do so and they might even find that they work excellently with the club. A golfer is more likely to use a lob wedge for a half-swing shot when theyre pretty close to the green. When buying the best wedge for high handicappers you can choose to buy it separately or as part of a full set of golf clubs.

A lob wedge is commonly used by advanced players as it can to difficult to hit consistently. What Wedge Lofts Should Golfers Carry. Should I try full-swing shots with a lob wedge.

Its the same as the rest of the irons in you bag. If you are a pretty good golfer you probably need 3 wedges. So our wedges will include Pitching Wedge Gap Wedge Sand Wedge or Pitching Wedge Gap Wedge Sand Wedge Lob Wedge.

The ideal number of wedges for a high handicap or beginner golfer aspiring to play bogey golf is three a pitching wedge a gap wedge and a sand wedge. So Should I Ditch My Wedge. The lob wedge should have no more than 60 degrees of loft.

High handicappers who have difficulty playing from tight or bare lies and who have a propensity for taking large divots should consider carrying a lob wedge in their bags. And for that they need all the help they can get which means turning to a lob wedge when they need to hit the ball high.

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