Should I Use A Lob Wedge

Every golfer faces a position in which he has little turf to work with in order to get his ball onto the green. As your experience and skills grow you can look at other wedges but to start with one should have at least a pitching wedge and a sand wedge.

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So when youre playing these bunker shots with your lob wedge we want to open the face to create loads of loft and loads of bounce.

Should i use a lob wedge. Instead of bouncing between 54 58. Do not make the mistake of using your lob wedge when you have plenty of green to negotiate and a. Just wonder how many especially walkers carry a lob wedge I been carrying 54 58 and struggle using the right tool for the job sometimes Thinking maybe going 56 and spending more time with it inside of 100 yd.

How to Use a Lob Wedge. A lob wedge showed up as being a complementary club to the bag rather than to replace the sand wedge. Most golfers agree that a sand wedge is essential in your bag.

Even with a low price this model offers multiple club face angle choices in its lob wedge family so you can find the perfect addition to your golf bag. To using your lob wedge every time youre around the green. So I recommend that most golfers should have a lob wedge in your bag learn to make friends with it be positive with it a need when youre playing it.

So if you hit down too early too heavy sometimes youll see the club head dig in a bit too deeply and slow down a bit too much. So while the lob wedge might not be the most popular club in my bag it has saved me from some of the worst hazards on the golf course and that is enough to convince me to carry it in my bag with me. The higher you hit the golf ball the more you will decrease the amount of roll on the green.

Aside from the utility it provides around the green a lob wedge is also great for getting up and over obstacles like small pine trees or even high lips found in certain sand traps. For shorter shots you would have to either consider a lob wedge or play your shot at less than a full swing. Many professional golfers use the lob wedge to add spin to their shots to get shots closer to the hole.

Being able to effectively use a lob wedge can save a lot of shots around the green especially when faced with a short-sided up and down or a difficult buried lie but the hardest part of an open-faced lob wedge shot is repeatability. Some golfers even make it a point to brag that they can hit a 62 degree or 64 degree wedge. And for that they need all the help they can get which means turning to a lob wedge when they need to hit the ball high.

Heres a truth and you may not. If youre just learning to play golf yes. Use your lob wedge for shots over high obstacles to tucked pins from downhill lies and superfast greens.

You wouldnt want to land the ball on the green right away with a lob wedge and let it roll the rest of the way. Knowing when to use a lob wedge or a sand wedge will make your golfing journey more manageable. It will be one of the best things youve done all year.

When practicing at the range with your lob wedge use the grass areas if possible. Others will claim you should never use a lob or sand wedge anywhere but the sand. Or he has to chip his ball over a bunker with little landing.

When you want a decent lob wedge on a budget this model is made for the high handicap golfer. Use your lob wedge only when you have a shot that requires a high trajectory and a soft landing. The trick when playing these types of courses is to use your lob wedge to add loft to your shots around the green.

Should You Use A Lob Wedge. What if you had plenty of green to work with and the pin was uphill. So Should I Ditch My Wedge.

Dont use a lob wedge when theres too much green around and other clubs would be a better choice. A lob wedge is a scoring club that is useful for chipping and pitching around the green as well as for distance wedge situations where you take fairly full swings. You should use a lob wedge when you need to make a shot that requires a high trajectory with a soft landing.

Having a lob wedge with less bounce you do risk a little bit. Just because youre close to the green doesnt mean you need to use your lob wedge every time.

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