Should I Use An Extra Stiff Driver Shaft

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Generally there are five different flexes these are. When I complete a shaft fit on true tempers website they suggest me to be in a x-stiff shaft.

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Who should use an extra stiff golf shaft.

Should i use an extra stiff driver shaft. Graphite shafts can be used in drivers and irons though they are most commonly found in longer golf clubs. Ad Manage your Drivers efficiently. If you have a driver with a regular flex and are hitting the ball long but inaccurately you may want to consider going to a stiffer shaft.

If shots with your driver tend to go left you might benefit from a stiffer flex. Easy and instant download. You might use the driver flex as a starting point in the in the fitting process but where you end up will depend on a lot of different things so when you go out to try different options dont restrict yourself to any particular flex try both and find out what works best for you.

Getting a shaft for your driver that is too stiff can make the club face aim to the right open to target at impact and your trajectory will be a lot lower than desired. Ad Manage your Drivers efficiently. There is no standard for flex so you could have one stiff flex shaft thats actually stiffer than a different x-stiff shaft.

Most ladies average less than 70 MPH and 180 YDS and should use an L shaft. Funny thing is I have always used stiff shafts in all my drivers. For example my driver has an extra-stiff shaft from Oban but my three wood is loaded with a stiff shaft from Mitsubishi.

I personally have found that a overly stiff shaft will lose a little distance while a too-soft shaft has a higher dispersion. In other words an extra stiff shaft from one company might be similar to a stiff shaft from another. If your drives go right you might benefit from a softer flex.

Graphite is typically the best material for amateur golfers though some low-handicap players and professionals enjoy the vibrations they can feel in their hands after hitting a golf ball with a steel shaft. Having the proper shaft flex in your driver is important. But its not the only measure of how well the shaft fits your swing.

Using this information the club fitter recommends the right stiffflex shaft for the driver which best suits the golf player. When you use a stiffer shaft youll notice more stability in the club head. Unless youre a tour pro swinging over 105 MPH and driving the ball over 260 YDS you can forget about an extra stiff shaft.

With our students these are the key takeaways you want to know. Update your Drivers with Driver Updater. Do you know what your swing speed is.

Quickly clean and boost your PC. This is a mix that works really well for me and I tried many options on launch monitors before I committed to adding them to the bag. Only guys like John Daily and Long Drive Champions need that type.

I can count the number of people on one hand that actually need or use an Extra Stiff shaft. By using a stiffer shaft driver they are getting more distance. Seniors generally require an A shaft swinging in the 70-85 MPH range balls carrying 180-210 YDS.

Easy and instant download. Extra Stiff X Players with the fastest clubhead speeds require the stiffest shafts in their drivers. Quickly clean and boost your PC.

Can I use different shafts on different clubs. If you are continually swinging the club over 105 mph then an extra stiff shaft is for you. Mostly a club-fitter determines the stiffflex shaft for a golf player by knowing the swing and distance a ball covers etc.

X-Extra Stiff shafts. Only golfers with carry distances above 275 yards and clubhead speeds in excess of 110 mph should use extra-stiff shafts. Guess I should get fitted but not likely to happen any time soon.

Extra stiff is the type of flex that is often used by professional players and for those who have a 300 yardage off the tee. When choosing the flex of your driver shaft it should be tailored to your swing speed and tempo. There are only a few driver shafts that offer this.

Extra-Stiff The right stiffflex shaft on a driver can be chosen with the help of a club-fitter. You really cant go wrong with this driver shaft considering how much extra power you get for your money. I am going to take them out and try them in a few days but wanted opinions on them.

My average club head speed with a 7 iron is 93-97 mph. Also with these extra stiff shafts am I going to have to go through the process of getting a different setting for the head. The stiffer shafts should provide you with a little more control with your swing without having to swing faster provided you have the right club in your hands.

You sound a lot like me because ive been told i have a very quick transition and i hit the ball a mile and but only God knows where it is going lol. Update your Drivers with Driver Updater. Project X HZRDUS Yellow 65 is one of the top driver shafts for anyone that is serious about upping their game and taking that next step in terms of clubs.

You absolutely can and many of you should. Now if you can go to the range and launch one and get a number of 125 thats great news but that is not your typical swing speed. Ill take the minor distance loss and keep it on the short stuff.

Not huge amounts but you can expect to see 5 10 15 yards difference in your drive. I was told that players should not be put into a x-stiff shaft unless their iron club head speed was over 100mph at my local golf store.

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