Should You Use A 60 Degree Wedge

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The pitching wedge is the first club on our list and it also happens to be the one with the lowest amount of loft 46-48 degrees. Ad Search Degree Of A Wedge.

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Play the ball in the middle of your stance and go short backswing to long follow.

Should you use a 60 degree wedge. Control over the shot isnt easy. Can you use a 60 degree wedge in the sand. A 60 degree wedge is useless and isnt worthy of the slot in the bag youd be better off with a driving iron.

Cleveland who likes to work around five-degree increments in his wedges for suitable yardage gaps admits the 60-degree wedge is an irrelevant option for the older golfer or the player lacking in. Ad Get 60 Degree Wedge. If you want to look at an affordable lob wedge I recommend the Cleveland CBX wedge that you can read all about here.

Get Results from 6 Engines at Once. A 60- degree wedge will get the golf ball up quickly and land softly with little roll. Players such as Phil Mickelson can very occasionally a 5th wedge to give them even more options for shots inside 125 yards.

Hitting a 58 or 60 degree wedge properly takes amazing hand eye coordination or wait for it a technically sound golf swing in which you use your bodycore instead of your hands and arms. Professional golfers will typically carry 3 or 4 wedges with lofts of between 46 and 60 degrees. Usually this wedge is used for longer shots where height and spin arent necessary such as a 50 yard pitch.

You can use the 60-degree wedge on the sand even if the situation is required for a 54 or 56-degree wedge. Get Instant Quality Info at iZito Now. I have 4 wedges.

The reason behind using the 60-degree wedge in the sand is because of the extra loft which allows the players to get the golf ball out of the sand. The problem with this approach is that each chip may demand a different type of shot. What combination of wedges they carry can change depending on the course design and conditions.

My 56 degree is the most effective club in my bag and I use it in a million different situations. You can learn more about how I used hit a 60 degree wedge here. 46 50 54 58 previously it was 46 50 56 60 I dont get much difference between the 58 and 60 since they are different models but give similar feel and distance range for use Im just thrilled to have a LW as its really paying off lately.

Golfers use a 60-degree wedge when a chip requires the golf ball elevate quickly and land softly with little roll. Ad Get 60 Degree Wedge. Many golfers think they should use only one wedge for every shot around the green.

Because the ball falls softly the 60- degree wedge is widely used around the greens to make the golf ball stop quickly on the putting surface. Get Instant Quality Info at iZito Now. The extra loft will allow you to ensure you get the ball up and out of the sand.

It is also the club I practice with the most. I use my 60 degree in the sand when the lip is very close and relatively high 2 feet or more Using a lob wedge with success is as much about confidence as it is about technique. I have also struggled with full shots with a 60 and have tried several different wedges until I picked up a Snake Eyes 60 degree with 12 degrees of bounce.

Get Results from 6 Engines at Once. This is due to the possibility of making a mess of the shot. In fact I would recommend utilizing your 60 degree in the sand even over your 54 or 56 degree sand wedge.

Ad Search Degree Of A Wedge. Theres every chance the mishit would lead to your round falling apart. If you simply accelerate through impact a 60-degree wedge is just as easy to hit as a 55.

It took sometime to get here but I am so glad I did. You can also use 50 52 54 or 56-degree wedge for long bunker or sand shot. A number of golfing experts suggest only experienced golfers should use a 60 degree wedge.

This is a specialty club in my bag and I rely on it in tough situations. This club is awesome out of bunkers and I use it for full shots from the fairway which for me are only about 65-70 yards.

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