What Are Golf Wedges Used For

Conditions of New Mint Excellent Very Good More. Golfication helps golfers improve their wedge-play with powerful tools such as.

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Developing strong wedge play is a crucial part of golf and mastering handling the used wedges that you choose will be instrumental in your attempt to consistently post low scores.

What are golf wedges used for. Pitching wedges are the most commonly used of the golf wedges. A very versatile club for use around the green. The maximum distance for a sand wedge shot is about 90.

The different finishes that second hand wedges come in. Even used wedges that were first released in the past year or two are still overpriced. The purpose of the lob wedge is to get the golf ball high into the air as fast as possible and land with little roll.

It is beneficial to buy wedges that create equal loft differences between clubs because this will allow you to execute shots on a more consistent basis. Our recommendations for the top three golf wedges include a 60 wedge a 56 wedge and a 52 wedge. Free Shipping Options Available.

Ad 125000 Used Clubs in Stock from Brands like TaylorMade Titelist Callaway and Ping. A lob wedge is a golf wedge that has a loft between 58-64 degrees. Wedges are like a surgeons knife to a golfer.

Ad 125000 Used Clubs in Stock from Brands like TaylorMade Titelist Callaway and Ping. A good wedge shot can save par help you get up and down after a missed green and make bunker shots less intimidating. This golf wedge is used most commonly for chipping around the greens as well as greenside bunker shots.

When you have Roger Cleveland designing your wedges with input from guys like Phil Mickelson its easy to understand why Callaway has an advantage in the wedge category. The most common wedge loft is 56 but here at Global Golf we carry wedges with lofts ranging from 42 all the way through 64. Wedges are useful while approaching the green and good wedge-play is a vital part of shooting lower scores.

I always look for golf clubs that have been on the market for at least a couple of years as their prices slowly decrease as time goes on. Conditions of New Mint Excellent Very Good More. While this wedge can absolutely be used around the green in a similar fashion as a pitching wedge the ability to take a full swing and the amount of spin that I can put on the ball makes this my go-to-club when Im 100 yards out.

PITCHING WEDGE LOFT RANGE. 44 TO 49 Typically sold in a set of irons the pitching wedge is designed to get under the ball on contact to send the ball high in the air. Free Shipping Options Available.

Knowing how each strikes in different conditions is very important. Updated April 26 2019 The A-wedge is a golf club that is another name for a gap wedge which is used for shorter and softer shots and one of the four main types of wedges which include from least loft to most loft the pitching wedge A-wedge sand wedge and lob wedge. The most commonly used wedge the pitching wedge is often included in the sale of a typical set of irons while the other three types of wedges are usually sold separately.

With a loft of between 44 and 50 degrees they are the least lofted wedge and typically used for approach shots between about 90 and. Down below I have outlined more important facts about the lob wedge that I think will. Lob Wedges LW Lob wedges are the newest of the wedge designs.

While these wedges which have between 54 degrees and 58 degrees of loft are good for hitting out of the sand they can be used anywhere. Wedges from a couple of years back at least. The loft on a sand wedge is typically 54 degrees 56 degrees and 58 degrees depending on which wedge loft option you prefer to have in your bag.

Wedges are the highest-lofted clubs in a set of golf clubs designed for short approach shots for most golfers 120 yards and in strokes played out of sand chip shots and pitch shots and generally any shot for which the golfer wants the ball to ascend and descend sharply. Our next wedge is the sand wedge. Golfers from around the world carry sand wedges 56 club which are ideal to help escape the sand traps and pitching wedges 48 club to hit high shots.

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