What Are The Different Curl Patterns For Natural Hair

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It is actually quite common. Those with Type 4B curls have even smaller spirals about the size of the sprig of a pen.

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Due to their thickness soft and luxurious nature fewer bands are required for giving full look.

What are the different curl patterns for natural hair. This is where our 4 curl types come from. My hair is primarily 4c very tightly coiled and shrinks a ton. 4A 4B and 4C.

Most women have two different hair textures at various parts of their head. 3B3C 4A 4B 4C. The Curl Type Chart.

Women with Type 4A curls have tiny corkscrew curls that are comparable to the size of a crochet needle. Curly hair can be divided into four curl pattern types. Our founder Ouidad the world-renowned stylist who opened the first ever curly hair salon identified the four different curl types Loose Classic Tight and Coily curls and developed a signature line of products that complement each type.

Identifying your curl shape and pattern or patterns is best determined while your hair is sopping wet. It is characterized by densely packed curls that form sharp angles that make a Z shape. Straight hair emerges from a round follicle while oval and twisted oval follicles create wavy and curly hair.

Look at the picture below to help find your curl pattern type. 4B zig-zag hair tends to be porous and requires deep conditioning to prevent breakage. Peruvian hair is light-weight but is thicker and coarser in texture.

Type 4C spirals are about the same size in width of Type 4B curls but tend to be denser. The stands are densely packed together tightly curled and borderlines kinky hair. Natural hair is a hair texture that ha Natural Hair Types.

Lemonds suggests using lightweight products to add definition like Briogeo Curl Charisma Frizz Control Gel. When how did you find out you had more than one. Curl types that tend to shrink into super short curls you can create this look on a twist out or braid out.

Get in on trendy styles like the half-updo with your curly hair texture. This texture is also known as type 3B. Each curl pattern type divides further by a number and letter depending on how tight the curl is.

Malaysian hair is very shiny and is soft and silky as compared to other hair. 4B is also accompanied by many different curl shapes like S shape coils. Type 3C curls are much tighter in circumference.

Coily hair or Type 4 curls are as tight as a curl can get. Curly hair strands cluster together and wind around the shape themselves in a spiral or looser curl she adds. What are your curl types.

The follicle just like the hair fiber can be different shapes and sizes. Wavy curly coily and kinky. If your curls are defined with mixed curl patterns loops to spirals ringlets to corkscrews you have type 4 hair.

For those who rather not style their hair with a wash and go ie. The stylist says this hair type has a natural bounce is and prone to frizz. The numbers refer to the Curl families.

It is possible to have more than one curl pattern type. The most common system was created by Oprah Winfreys stylist Andre Walker in the 90s and combines numbers and letters to refer to different curls. In fact most people with curly hair have several different types of curl patterns.

African American curl patterns commonly known as natural hair are a spectacular part of a black persons culture. In the back and around the sides the hair is softer and less coiled. Type 3C hair texture has tight curls and is amply voluminous.

Because every curl needs the regimen that treats it right. There are subcategories A B and C under each curl type to better describe each type of curl. Similar to 2A strands this curl pattern lays closely to the head but this time youll see a consistent S-shaped pattern throughout the hair.

Type 1s are straight Type 2s are wavy Type 3s are curly. Peruvian hair holds curls easily and is also easy to color. Your Curl pattern can be straight wavy curly S-shaped or kinkytightly coiled very tight zig-zag shape.

How do you classify different curls. You might have some coils kinks curls andor waves depending on the shape of your hair follicles the way your hair falls and most importantly your DNA. I found out I had more than one texture when I first went natural grew out my hair and noticed parts of my hair that didnt act like the rest.

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