What Do Disc Golf Ratings Mean

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The flight path that makes that disc unique. Generally when you pick up most stock disc golf discs youll find a series of 4 numbers printed on them.

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Flight Ratings are broken into four main categories.

What do disc golf ratings mean. In order these ratings are. These characteristics can be used to rate various aspects of each discs flight. The brand Innova created a Flight Ratings System to help players understand what kind of Frisbee they are using and how it will work for them.

Turn is the stability of the disc a negative rating meaning understable and will turn the disc to the right early in flight a positive rating meaning overstable meaning a tendency to turn to the left on a right handed backhand throw. What do these numbers stand for. The first category speed is the degree in which a Frisbee travels through air and it ranges from 1 to 14.

Flight Ratings can be used to compare Innova golf discs to each other. Those numbers represent speed glide turn and fade usually in that order. These players are called propagators.

From right to left they stand for Speed Glide Turn Fade and each disc is different than the next. I know that doesnt really tell you much when it comes to what they actually mean and this is supposed to be a 101 on flight ratings. This is an in-depth topic with each rating number requiring detailed explanation and so this page addresses the issue at an increasing level of complexity as it.

Simply enough these numbers represent that specific discs flight ratings or characteristics. The ratings can be categorized into four true and basic characteristics. Lets take a look at each of the ratings and break down what.

The 4 numbers on disc golf disc are flight ratings according to the manufacturer. For beginners at disc golf the 4-number flight rating system invented by Innova seems very cryptic and thats for a good reason it is. Speed Glide Turn Fade.

The four numbers on a disc golf disc are a flight ratings system that represent the true characteristics of a disc golf disc as it flies through the air including the speed glide turn and fade of the disc. The four numbers that are seen on a disc golf disc characterize the discs flight nature. Understanding what these numbers mean and how they affect the travel of a disc through the air will allow you to know how your throw will turn out instead of predicting an outcome.

Basically how a disc is supposed to fly. Each disc has a distinct personality. These are speed glide turn and fade.

Getting Up To Speed. So What Do the Numbers Mean. Of course if you score better than SSE your rating will be above 1000 since those points will be added rather than subtracted.

Most manufacturers use four numbers to rate their discs. Many people ask what do the numbers on a disc golf disc mean These numbers relay important information on the design of the disc giving information about speed glide turn and fade. The automated calculation uses scores from at least 5 players with ratings over 699 whose rating is based on at least 8 rounds of information.

An average course subtracts 10 ratings points per throw above SSE. These four categories are. Speed Glide Turn and Fade.

In short the numbers are the discs flight ratings. Some manufacturers like Discraft also include a fifth number they call stability. How hard the disc must be thrown.

A player who averages scores lower than SSAs on course theyve Your PDGA Player Rating is a number that shows how close your average round scores are compared to the course rating called the Scratch Scoring Averages SSA of the courses youve played in. Your rating for each round is based on how well you shoot relative to a hypothetical scratch player defined as someone with a rating of 1000. A very short course could take 15 points off and a very hard course could only penalize you 6 or 7 ratings points per extra throw.

Speed Glide Turn and Fade Okay but What are disc golf disc ratings. Players who average the SSA on courses played will have a rating of 1000 and are considered scratch players. These four characteristics are used to get an estimated idea of how the flight of a.

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